Convair NEXUS - super heavy Historical Launch Vehicle

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I started lookig at redoing the ED (Expansion Deflection) engine, and while looking at that, decided to migrate the LOX lines from the engines to the propellant tank.  This of course means the engines all need redoing, at least a bit.

New tank butt


With a slightly fixed up plug engine;


I also noted that Unity still had default max sizes for the tank textures.  So I changed that and the new tank has the texture density I thought it did.

I'll be finishing my modifications to the Plug (needs retexturing some bits) and completing the ED engine next.

The ED Engine update is mostly about the pumps.  And I have a basic mesh done, but not a lot else;


I also want to look at the thrust structure on this.  Now that the tank has a butt, I can be a bit more sensible with it.

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I was about to post that the ED engine is basically done, then I noticed I forgot to do the inside of the engine bell.

Anyway, here's a KVV shot of it not showing the inside of the bell;


And in flight showing a slightly coppery inside, that's devoid of detail and spec mapping.



I also need to work on the FX and add an FX for the gas generator exhausts

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The Nexus revamp now has at least one variant of each major part, except the legs.  So, my plan now is to aim at doing up a set of legs for the second stage, then release as v2.0.

Current revamp branch looks a bit like https://skfb.ly/6Qynp





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Posted (edited)

I pretty much have one full stack of Nexus ready to roll.  It's "just" the kerbal scaled version of the smaller 1 million pound to orbit version, not the 2.  There's only the one second stage so far.  That thing was a pig to do normals on.

So, I'm warming up to replacing the old Nexus, which had both main sizes, and at least 3 second stage options, with the revamp.  It is better balanced, it's scaled better for kerbals, it looks nicer.  There's a bit less choice so far, but it's already hard to come up with excuses for the smaller Nexus, so the use case for the larger one is pretty much limited to "I want this Orion Battleship in orbit without starting a nuclear exchange".  And we all know Kerbals would be totally fine with old Boom Boom, what's not to love?

Anyway, release candidate https://github.com/TiktaalikDreaming/Nexus/releases/tag/1.10.0523

And a flight test for the first stage launch, orbit, deorbit, and splashdown is here (some crashtolerance adjustments have been made since)



Edited by TiktaalikDreaming
github redrafted an old release somehow

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