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The UNOFFICIAL KPE3 Discussion Thread!


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Hello everyone! It's UpsilonAerospace. (Again.)

So, with about an hour to go before Harv kicks off the third annual Kerbal Polar Expedition, I figure it might be nice to make a thread!

Kerbal Polar Expedition 3: Conquering Duna!



Here's what's going on, for those who don't know:

Every year, HOCGaming teams up with many notable YouTubers and streamers to drive a rover absurd distances. All of this driving raises money for charity:water, an organization dedicated to helping people in Africa gain access to clean drinking water. This year, the drive-a-palooza will take place on everybody's favorite red planet, Duna. Over the course of five days, the rover will make its way from Duna's south pole to the north pole. If a rover breaks, they'll have to send another one to continue the glorious journey. This is pretty hardcore, folks.

I'm going to shamelessly copy information from (one of) the official Kerbal Polar Expedition pages. You should still definitely check the page out, though; it's right here.

The stream schedule is not confirmed and may be changed at any time!

Day 1 (19/08/15) The Solar Gamer, EnterElysium, Chickenkeeper, Kaitlyn (Charity: Water) [8PM BST]

Day 2 (20/08/15) LeGoldFish, EnterElysium, Roninpawn, Chickenkeeper

Day 3 (21/08/15) The Solar Gamer, Tanuki, Roninpawn, LeGoldFish, Ted

Day 4 (22/08/15) iAcorn, Enterelysium, Roninpawn, Chickenkeeper, Streetlamp, Danny2462

Day 5 (23/08/15) The Solar Gamer, Streetlamp, Roninpawn, Chickenkeeper, Danny2462

Live everyday between Wednesday August 19th to Sunday August 23rd:

4pm - 8pm UTC

5pm - 9pm BST

6pm - 10pm CEST

12pm - 4pm EDT

9am - 1pm PDT

So, feel free to use this page to discuss this glorious expedition! It would be nice to have regular updates on what's going on, especially because I'm sure there are many people (me being one of them) who won't be able to watch as much of the stream as they want to. And if you would like to help people in Africa live a better life, you should seriously consider donating! Here, I'll put up the donation link in large text, so that you won't overlook it:

And with that, I'm off. Best of luck to Harv and company! The plains of Duna await...


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Harv was saying about a trip to eve for next year. So I've created a map of possible paths for it:


The white paths are from the roughly equatorial region (the equator is about the the thin blue line across the middle). Black paths are from pole to pole. Most of these paths may need to have more than 5 days to be possible, but I'll select a few myself and drive it myself to check the terrain.

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I hate spamming my stuff, but here's an image I made for the KPE. You can learn a little more about the image here.


I'm just wondering what the best way to get this to Harv would be. (I would really love it if he was able to see this thing... and maybe, just maybe, he could even use it as a promotional image or something :) )


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Oh your stuff's fine. No, sticking with the KPE thread (I have been away and missed it all) I just wanted to know if there was anything official in other media or whether it was just another 'video is the only medium' thing.

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...and it's starting off with a cinematic...! [EDIT: It's by StreetlampPro.]

Sadly, there are nasty framerate drops. Hopefully that won't continue through the stream...

Yeah dat fps. I spent a lot of time excessively worrying over the details of the vid in the weeks before KPE3. Stuff like tweaking how one shot cuts to the next, working with the sound effects, and cleaning up the footage to rid it of studders. Fates have a sense of humor :D

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Well, it's been a nice first three days. There have been innumerable crashes, cinematic-ey bits courtesy of Streetlamp (cool stuff!), and some really fun conversations. Oh, and the initial fundraising goal of $10,000 was exceeded by over a thousand dollars today, with two full days to go!

Danny2462 is coming on tomorrow. I can't wait for that... or maybe I can. I'm not sure if I'll be able to catch the stream tomorrow, unfortunately. Scheduling conflicts abound.

Oh, and can someone keep me posted as to whether or not the image I made (the one above) appears at any point tomorrow? I put it in chat and it was supposedly sent to Harv, but he hasn't mentioned anything about it yet.

Best of luck to Harv and company as they continue towards the North Pole!


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Today they made $11,010 and the final donator (who donated $200) wanted to ask what if there was anything planned to be done with the surface sample animations. I'm wondering the same thing! :D

- They did briefly mention GP2 and the plans are currently undecided. They mentioned that the plan for KSP is to add depth to what is currently implemented such as in adding more to to do on the surface of planets rather than more planets. They also briefly mentioned eclipses when I asked it and they said it has only been briefly mention. It has been mentioned though!

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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