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What brand of GPU do you use to play KSP?

What brand of GPU do you use most often to play KSP?  

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  1. 1. What brand of GPU do you use most often to play KSP?

    • AMD
    • Intel
    • NVidia
    • Other

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Also, when making videos, is it normal for videos to take longer to save/render than the length of the actual video? Mine does that.

It's normal. Though, this needs good CPU to make it faster. My old AMD took half of an hour to render 4-minute video.

Back to topic: Nvidia GeForce 8600GT. Works well, cpu is the real problem here.

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Like parameciumkid, I play on Intel HD Graphics, specifically, the 4000 version, on a i5 3230M. God bless my poor, poor CPU.

- - - Updated - - -

Nope, you guys are not alone.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 here, too.

Go, laptop, go!


Really? For me, it's

Go laptop Go!

*25 FPS*

That being said, I do have a dual core i5 that boost up to 2.6 Ghz

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I currently run an nVidia GTX 580 which was highest-end at times. It's still more than sufficient for KSP, but it's 4 years old now and meanwhile far from high-end.

Next year I probably have to build a new PC to keep up with those new top-notch gaming titles.

With one exception (ATI Radeon 9700 Pro) I always had nVidia GPUs in my PCs.

My subjective opinion is, that nVidias drivers are generally better and more games work perfectly with NVidia GPUs than with ATI/AMD GPUs.

Technology-wise both brands are on par. Which is good for us consumers, as they are always wrestling for the better performance and efficiency.

Another thing why I use nVidia: I never liked AMD. I was always an Intel guy (also with one Exception: AMD Athlon XP).

So when AMD bought ATI, I automaticly began to dislike AMD GPUs too. No real reason for that. It's just a fact.

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Given my history of having nVidia cards literally catch fire, I've stuck it out w/ AMD. Not happy with the driver quality, but beats literal flame.
Wow. And I thought AMD were the heat generators. But to be fair, I'd say a card catching fire isn't NVidia's fault, it's down to EVGA or Gigabyte or MSI or whoever put the card together. Unless it was actually a reference card, but who buys reference cards.
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Nvidia GT610 ... yeah, pretty crappy GPU, but also I have a 7 year old CPU a Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz, and still I have 20+ fps on launch... until I hit 100 parts of course :rolleyes: (And I use Medium to High Graphics, I mean all full except Terrain on Default, no Terrain Scatter, and 2x Antialiasing.

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If you look at the steam hardware polls, this thread didn't need to happen - amd's market share has gone down the toilet - their cards don't have much place in the markets and their APU's are meh.

Of course, this could easily change, and i'd like it too - nvidia are coasting right now.

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