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[1.05] KerbolBattles Parts Pack [1/2/16]


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On 6/25/2020 at 8:35 PM, Ilya_G said:

I have some ideas for this mod:

1. Change the texture details of this mod to more modern. When you look at this mod, it feels like you are looking at a cartoon of the 80-90s or a video from youtube of the 2000s-2010s.

2. There is a similar mod - Spacetackle's K. I. E Fighter mod, which also died, many users are waiting for its resurrection, and linuxgurugamer refused to resurrect it. This mod is more convenient to use, especially its cocpit, and a couple of other details. My suggestion: combine these two mods into one. Well, or create a third mod based on them. This will make it easier for everyone, both players and modders

3. Since I am interested in TIE-fighters, I can offer ideas for this type of aircraft: the mod lacks details for the wings, especially for such devices as TIE/sa, TIE/ad, TIE Advanced x1, TIE Advanced v1, TIE/fo (you can implement a texture change for the cabin and wings), TIE / sf (the same as for the previous one, + you need a place for the co-pilot), TIE/mg, TIE/vn (for this device, you need both engines and a new cabin). The best solution is to do it as in Spacetackle's K. I. E Fighter mod.

If possible, you can add weapons details to the mod, such as laser guns, rocket launchers, radar scanners, camouflage systems, and so on.

4. You can integrate the KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) mod. In TIE-fighters, the Solar ionization reactor I-a2b is installed, which is, in fact, a thermonuclear reactor. You can create a part / patch to a part using the "InertialConfinementReactor" or "InterstellarTokamakFusionReactor" module that adds the reactor to the TIE-fighter.

The TIE-Defender has a hyperdrive installed. KSPIE has an AlcubierreDrive module that adds a Warp Engine

5. If there are people who can program, then point 5 for them: my suggestion-based on the mods GN drive (creating anti-gravity), Feline Utility Rovers (hovering engines + braking function in hover mode), Throttle Controlled Avionics, perhaps Kerbal Foundries (repulsors) to create a mod for maneuvering engines and repulsors.

What I would like to see in this modification:

     1) The ability to take off and land an aircraft WITHOUT the help of main engines (as in the GN drive modification, only without the GNparticle resource + to implement the function of braking relative to the surface, as in the Feline Utility Rovers modification).

     2) Ability to automatically hold the location and altitude above the surface/sea level using the maneuvering engine/repulsors.

     3) Programmable flight / landing / docking capability using the maneuvering engine/repulsors.

     4) The ability to fix the position of the device, as in the Airpark modification (AirPark has a minus: when switching to another device in the range of physics, the device that was fixed with AirPark this fixation disappears, and it begins to fall. I would like to eliminate this.) You can integrate AirPark to this mod: after setting the location, the device is fixed in place, as if using a cheat, but repulsors / maneuvering engines consume resources, preferably in the background. If the resource runs out, repulsors / maneuvering engines are disabled and .... the cheat is disabled and the device begins to fall. You can add a "fuse" to the mod - when the number of resources for repulsors / maneuvering engines is critical, a notification will pop up on the screen. If the resource runs out, you can use another "fuse" - the engines are automatically activated (if they are on the device and there is enough fuel for them) and will try to keep the device in place, of course, if possible. 

To calculate resource consumption/production in the background, you can use life support mods such as Kerbalism.

I think many people would like to build their Cloud City on Eve, Joop, or any other planet where there is no surface or atmospheric pressure is too high for conventional engines to produce enough thrust for takeoff/flight.

I really want this to happen, I sadly don't know anything about this myself, I wish I knew people who could do this though. Maybe @MacLuky? He also seems to have disappeared though so, I'm not sure. @StinkyAce has a lot of experience with Sci-Fi themed mods and he is really good at modeling, the only thing he's not good at are IVAs but all that work has been done here, but he has also disappeared so I'm still not sure ;-;

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4 hours ago, MacLuky said:

I do come back every now and then ;-) but if @linuxgurugamer thinks it cannot be salvaged, it can't be salvaged 

I didn't say that, I said that I couldn't work on it.

Frankly, the author is still around, although busy with other stuff.  Why don't you contact him about it?

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