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[1.0.4] Contract Pack: Maritime Missions and Boat Navigation Plugin [V1.3.2] 14/09/2015

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4 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:

Of course.

Let me know.  I had it working in 1.2.2, but it had some bugs and I just had no desire to continue.  So if @Whitecat106 says ok, I can send you what I have (probably via github), or, if @Whitecat106 wants it, I can send it to him

Thanks. Let see if WC is still around. If not I'll send you a pm.

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Hello everyone, 


I apologise for my absence, this is all explained in my recent post in my Orbital Decay thread so please have a read. 

In short I am leaving the modding scene, moving on to producing my own unity game, as such I give permission to @Fengist and @linuxgurugamer to carry on, change, redistribute and do anything with this mod that they desire - just name a boat after me or something yeah? :wink: 


Thank you all for your help over the past few years and I hope you enjoy your KSP adventures! Farewell all!


Kindest regards, 

Whitecat106 :) 

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4 hours ago, Fengist said:

Thanks @Whitecat106.  Any time you wanna come back, it's your baby.  I'll just tinker with it.

@linuxgurugamer I'm not sure what my schedule is gonna look like the next few weeks but if you can put this up some where and PM me the location, I"ll be sure to let you know when I grab it.  Thanks.

Will do, moving this to PM.


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