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Mods or stock?


Do you play KSP with mods, or stock?  

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  1. 1. Do you play KSP with mods, or stock?

    • Stock all the way!
    • I use a few mods, but only a few.
    • AS MANY MODS AS I CA-[Ram Crash]
    • PLAY with mods? Hah! I DEVELOP them!

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I play with the amount of mods I need.

Which is something around 20-25.

Essentials being RemoteTech and FAR.

NearFuture(all) is the only mod I use which is part intensive.

But i also have a install with only information mods such as KER and MJ, MJ just for the convinience. And I have a plain stock install just for copying out of since I have the steam version stuff breaks when ksp is updated and steam just furiously goes and update it when I open Steam :P

You can turn off game updating on steam so it doesn't auto-update and break mods (still a good idea to backup every other play sessions).

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after watching Scott Manley's interstellar quest series i was determined to master that mod. i started playing December(his series got me into playing KSP) so the only times ive played vanilla was when 1.0, 1.0.2 and 1.0.4 were released, and that was only so i could find out how they Devs changed it.

my must haves for mods are: KER, KAC, Mechjeb(i'm a dirty rotten cheater), all of the near future, KSP interstellar, and after discovering them i also use SpaceY and Atomic age. ive also started using CKAN for all my mods and it so much easier, even tho i still dowload and update my mod list so i can play without internets

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A relatively small number of mods. Any time I install or update a mod I run a framerate test, it's tedious but I've found I need to run these to catch performance problems, for example the latest Kopernicus causing an 80% - yes, eighty percent - framerate drop.

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Only mods I use are:

- Kerbal Alarm Clock (to make multiple missions at the same time manageable)

- Hyperedit (only for testing craft on other planets for 'simulation purposes', hyperedit is not used during any missions)

- EVE (but removed the city lights, they made no sense to me . . .)

And I have a second install now that also includes:

- 64k (6,4x larger solar system really increases the difficulty of the game)

- Procedural parts (for larger diameter fuel tanks)

Other mods I used in the past, but no longer use:

- Deadly reentry (now redundant)

- Remote Tech (did not really make it any more difficult, just more grindy)

- TAC life support (to much micromanagement for me, again not much more difficult, just more grindy)

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I've generally been a stock + KER player for a long time.

Messed around with MechJeb back in 0.24 I think.

Checked out Remote Tech and TAC LS around that time as well, but for quite a while I mostly played stock/near stock.

Since I completed the tech tree in my current career, I've started installing mods again. RCS Build Aid, Precise Node, Chatterer, EVE, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, KAC, EE, Intake Build Aid, Asteroid Day, Enhanced NavBall, and StockBugFixModules.

Seems like just a few.

Happy landings!

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I'm running a ton of mods, mainly because the stock game is boring and looks bad (in my opinion).

For the very same reasons I modded to RealSolarSystem & RealismOverhauk and it's additional needed mods (I guess I have about 25-30 mods installed).

Makes more fun now.

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I don't use mod parts for various reasons. That also seems to eliminate most of the memory problems associated with large amounts of mods.

"Large amounts" is relative of course. I know enough people who say they "only have about three dozen mods" - I have about half of that.

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I mostly run mods that give extra information on flights or make running my space program easier.

So I use Kerbal Engineer Redux, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Transfer Window Planner, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, GHud and Portrait Stats.

On the immersion side, I use Chatterer and Distant Object Enhancement. When 1.1 hits and the performance enhancements are real, I will definately have a look into visual enhancement mods.

In the past, I also used Karbonite, Spaceplane+ and Procedural Fairings up to the point where we got these (or a-like counterparts) in stock.

On my try out list, there's MKIV Spaceplane, Near Future, Kerbal Inventory System.

TL;DR I see myself in the "few mods" bin.

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I always build 100% stock crafts so everyone who has ever owned a copy of KSP can use them. But I do use informational mods like Kerbal Engineer because of their sheer awesomeness. With the information they provide you rarely ever have to look at the orbit map.

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I tend to stick to stock since i like the challenge. As great as BDArmory is, stock weapons are so much more challenging to make effective, stock armor is fair and fun, and its so much more staisfying to vaporize a battlecruiser with stock pats that squad never approved of using in such a way :D.

Some mods i do use:

EVE: more specifically a modified version of better atmospheres where i fixed some visual bugs and added some of my own features (dust on some moons, sandstorms on duna that are super thick and near impossible to see through, ect.



DMP: its bloody multiplayer, despite the bugs, i cant see how this mod isnt amazing.

Hedit: mostly to speed up repetitive tasks (if i send one ship to duna, why not teleport more of the exact same craft there to save time for more fun stuff), for weapons testing (im not going to bloody laiunch a experimental capital ship to orbit legit until i prove its armor will hold up to missiles), and to fix bugs (if my orbit goes ballistic or kraken makes me go FTL, ill bloody Hedit back to roughly where i was provided i didnt have a recent save file that is).

BDArmory: occasional use for atmospheric planes as stock weapons are near impossible to use in atmo when dogfighting another plane although very lethal if they hit, although i usually have it disabled since i dont really do too much kerbin stuff, and outside of kerbin combat involves tanks, ground bases, or capital ships, all of which are stock armed.

Targetron: for switching between warships in a battle that ends with craploads of debris on both sides.

KAS: a mod i use less and less, but i really like the ability to link stuff and reattach stuff once in orbit, allowing warship repairs to some extent without sending up a brand new replacement.

Robotics: mod i use very rarely but was an avid fan of it back in the day since it let me make tank turrets without having to make very complex stock bearings (which may work, but are very hard to work with in general).

Aside from that i also was a major fan of B9, although it became useless for the majority of stuff (i never really used the super massive B9 fuselages or wings, using the MK2 and MK3 styles, and since we have that stock, less ram being hogged), it was just made redundant when 0.90 came out with mk3 parts.

KAS: a mod i occasionally enable for my mod save, but since i like to use DMP ALOT, ive started not using it and experimenting with more stock systems for connecting stuff such as a drone with a claw on 2 ends.

really the only mods i have enabled 24/7 are visuals and Hedit to fix bugs, the rest i switch on and off depending on what im doing (targetron can be disabled when im not doing combat, DMP no need to keep on when im not actively on a server, ect).

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Just want to get a relatively accurate ratio of members of the community who mod, and members who play stock.

Keep in mind that the number of users that are registered at the forum are a fraction of the total number of people who play the game and that the number of people of ever posting on the forums (or even reading) are an even smaller fraction.

So the accuracy will be quite limited ;)

Anyway, I use MJ, VOID and ScienceAlert (when I want to fly manually I fire up X-Plane).

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I tend to stick to stock since i like the challenge. As great as BDArmory is, stock weapons are so much more challenging to make effective, stock armor is fair and fun, and its so much more staisfying to vaporize a battlecruiser with stock pats that squad never approved of using in such a way :D.

Dude! I completely agree! :D

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