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Fan-Works Guidelines

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In order to make everything work out here, i have written a set of guidelines and set rules for this board, it serves several purposes.

These are to be taken seriously, ignoring/breaking them will get your thread locked, or in worse cases, net you a warning.


Writing consists of any stories, be it canon or fanon-wise, concerning the kerbals and their various adventures.

You can write stories concerning whatever inventions you have made, likewise, you can make all sorts of crossovers with other works of fiction.


If words cannot satisfy your need to express yourself, try again with drawn art. Your level of skill is of secondary importance, and constructive critique is encouraged towards others as well as for people judging your own work.


If you have the dedication for it, you can also create videos and post them here in regards to KSP. This can be rendered, done in flash, hell, it can be stop motion paper figures. Gameplay, when used in a manner to tell a story or when containing forms of editing is permitted.


If you have speculations or ideas about the planet, the people, or the kerbol system, you've come to the right place. You can post threads about exactly that here and debate with others how things should be (in your head).

Constructive Criticism

Did someone post something that makes you want to gouge out your eyeballs? Well, try to contain yourself, instead, you can contribute positively by using constructive criticism. For the unaware, this basically means that you correct someone without making them aware that you believe they are horrible and that they should feel bad about it. Good criticism will in most cases be used for learning rather than discarded as insults, which in the end goes a long way in helping along those that still have much to learn.


This board and what it contains is not in any way canon with the game itself, hence why it is the fan-works board. Squad could technically decide themselves to use any of the content in here, but that is out of our hands entirely.

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