PersistentThrust is a plugin that allows propulsion systems to operate during timewarp. The plugin includes a new solar sail part and module that allows a spacecraft to be propelled only by sunlight. It also adds a module with a patch to the stock ion engine that allows engines to thrust during timewarp. This plugin was previously a part of SolarSailNavigator, which allows you to plan maneuvers with solar sails or long duration engine burns. Development discussions specific to this module will take place here instead of in the SolarSailNavigator thread. The source code is available on Github: The plugin can be downloaded from Github: Features:   Animated solar sail part from KSP Interstellar by SasquatchMarmalade Solar sail module modified from the original in KSP Interstellar Persistent Engine module for operating engines during timewarp Patch to the stock ion engine using ModuleManager with realistic thrust (0.25 N) at the same power level. Use as an example to patch your own engines. Operate any combination of engines and solar sails Consumes any number of engine propellants with mass from the vehicle during timewarp Virtual methods for calculating deltaV, resource consumption, and applying resource consumption   Known issues:   Disabled during timewarp on a suborbital trajectory due to a bug in perturbing the suborbital orbit Consumption of massless resources during timewarp disabled (e.g. ElectricCharge) due to a bug in how KSP requests resources at high timewarp When the thrust of a persistent engine is too high (above ~5 kN), KSP won't allow switching to timewarp (need to check if this is still an issue in v1.0.8)   Changelog: see Thank you to FreeThinker and Felger for reviewing the code. Thanks to OctarineNoise for the fix to address physics lag.