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What are you doing until 1.1?

Kyrt Malthorn

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Taking a break from KSP (longest one I've taken in the years since I started), mostly because I can't stand the crippling performance issues the 1.0s have. So I'm playing some other games although work hasn't left much time for that (lame!) and occasionally going outside!

But I'm still living the KSP dream, just vicariously through you guys and all the awesome craft that are uploaded to KerbalX.com (oh yeah and I'm still working on bits for the site too).

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I'm planning and not playing. After 2 very exiting and developed game were rendered unplayable due to the 32-Bit Memory limitation I got enough.

I played a small game where I did Minmus science and rover design, but nothing much past that.

So I'm planning... Lots of planning. Stuff like:

- I have sketched on paper my future interplanetary ship (Ring-shaped, fuel tanks tacked on the rings) with docking at the back to carry cargo, passenger or Expeditions like Jool-5.

- I revised my Jool-5 plans, but with all the new pieces, including the new engines I'm pretty sure stuff will change along the way.

- I'd like to do a Grand Tour with Outer Planets mod installed

- I want to set-up the "Halley Station" (Match the Kerbal equivalent of the Halley's comet),

- Also explore all of Eve/Duna/Laythe biomes using an electric electric prop plane (smaller than my 0.25 version since no need of science lab anymore !).

So lots of stuff to design/plan for.

I got a few things sketched out and ready to try.

I'm also starting to list mods I want to have... some I even do not know their names. Is firespitter still around ? I know my old improved nuke engine mod is gone, I need to try and get EVE and Planetshine to work... science alert, KAS, K-engineer, maybe remote tech (I like the computer that comes with it a lot... I wish the same cpu was available as stand alone... asked creator, got no response). Outer Planets.

Also on another build of the game, 1/10th RSS... with I hope all planets up to Pluto and it's moons eventually. Now that memory wont be a problem, why not ?

There was Alternis Kerbol I never tried... I know there's "New Horizons" that 5th Horseman is playing and it looks almost the same, but I wonder.

I also want to mod the tech tree... I feel the current tree is worse than the old one we used to have. Now it's impossible to have Ion engines at low tech. I want to make them available before the nerva in the electricity node. Never tweaked the tech tree before, so I hope it's not too hard. I want to make most science instruments into the same line as well and over at low tech tier so I can make complete science vessels early and not have to come back to a biome every time my scientists learn of a new gadget.

I also want to design/rework some of the parts in the game...

Having hour long burns with the Ion engines kill the fun... same with nerva on huge vessels. So larger parts (2.5m ion engines same with nerva) with same ISP but better thrust. for Ion think between 5-15 thrust, nukes about 250.

Necrobones did a revamped RadioIsotope generator last week (I think it was 1.5m ?) I want that as well as it will be useful when I get to the outer planets.

I'd like to duplicate the ISRU refiner (with animation) into a nuclear reactor that uses a new resource "Uranium" (only possible to get some from the VAB)... so nuclear reactor with a finite life time.

Also electric propellers for my Eve/Laythe/Duna planes... If I cant make Firespitter work okay again I'll mod the wheesley basic jet engine to only eat electric power and adjust ISP to be reasonable.

Like I said... lots of planning. lol.

Not touching the game until 1.1 but I'm starting to want to play it... and it's itching more and more as weeks go by. :D

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Slowly building up to explore Arkas, a Kopernicus planet. Of course mission creep dictates that I find myself juggling Ike, Moho, and Dres probes, because I can't stand to warp past all those delicious contract rewards :/

Set my interim career to 200% science to wash away the grindy feeling. Had so many restarts lately, was getting a little burned out.

Will probably start with a few thousand science for 1.1, I'm tired of trudging through the early game.

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"The same thing we do every night Pinky....."

Why worry about or wait on something that will show up .... some time in the future.

"All his life has he looked away, to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, hmm? What he was doing. Hmm"

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I am trying to learn Dwarf fortress. I got it specifically for the roguelike "Adventurer Mode", but hot damn is there a steep learning curve.
Took me about 30 hours to really "get" fortress mode, and I'm still terrible. I highly suggest watching a few YouTubers, most especially 0.34 playthroughs to help get started.
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KSP feels boring so I'm playing other games. I bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 a few days ago and ermahgerd it's amazing. You'd think driving a truck from point A to point B would be boring but it isn't. Especially with the multiplayer mod installed - things can get pretty crazy in populated areas because of all the idiots who don't give a fluff about traffic laws. Luckily, there are still plenty of people who do. I'll probably take a small break from ETS2 though, I got an idea for a spaceship and I'm gonna start building it on Space Engineers tomorrow.

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