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[China Shop] A few of my winged SSTOs

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Editing the original topic to add a few pics of my new 1.1.2 LF only crafts - Arbalester and Ghostrider. 

They are pretty cheap (53 to 99k) and they have very good range and ROI if used to ferry tourists around Kerbin SOI.



Arbalester - Ghostrider




Former releases


After a few weeks a small new entry, a single engine 10.8t craft that can lift a single kerbal to LKO and dock, the "Fiery Potato".

Cheap, nice n'easy. 31 parts, worth 25k in a career.

Just pitch 15° till 20000m, then level to 6° till your desured Ap. Switch the rapier to closed cycle around 24000m.

Better piloted "capslocked", you have excess power and authority.

Carries a fair amount of mono too.

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You can download it >>>HERE<<<

Hi all, lately I was experimenting with wings AoA and I came up with this that looks pretty cool and works pretty well.

It is just 44 parts so it runs perfectly on any pc and it is a "fat skylon" wannabe.

Payload fraction is very good so that's not bad too.




To reach orbit at maximum weight just pitch 6° at take off (and keep it) and switch rapiers to closed cycle @24000m; burn until you reach your desired Ap above 70000 (80x80 @ maximum take off weight). On top you will gain a few thousand meters on pure lift.

Action buttons:

1) toggle engines

2) switch mode/toggle intakes

You can download it >>>HERE<<<



09/09 update


Introducing the "liner" - same 4 rapier layout, nothing really special here.

68 parts - 64 kerbs crew

104t @ takeoff




You can download it >>>HERE<<<



09/10 update


Scaling down the concept to obtain something useful I got the Aspis, your average LKO service shuttle. 9 kerbs crew, 42,8t and a double rapier layout. Looks somehow F-104ish.




Same action buttons as above, almost same ascent profile (pitch 5°, switch rapiers @24500m)

You can download it >>>HERE<<<

Edited by Signo
New crafts - mopping up

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I'm not a fan of the needle aesthetic, but I can't knock the capability of that cargo SSTO.

It is a matter of drag and not an aesthetic choice, as far as I know the tail connector is the least draggy part we have available.

Trying to squeeze out every drop of d/v it seemed to me a logical choice.

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