[1.2] Proton-M / Breeze-M

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Proton-M / Breeze-M
A realistic and highly detailed parts pack for Kerbal Space Program.

See more images of the Proton M with Breeze-M

Proton Medium, Proton Light and 5 Meter Fairings for Proton M+ (included)

See more images of the Proton Medium, Light and 5 Meter Fairings

Proton launch pad (included)

See more images of the Proton Launch Pad


Q0876on.png vFW5wFx.png           CKAN-Indexed-brightgreen.svg



  • Proton-M booster
  • Proton Medium Variant (new)
  • Proton Light Variant (new)
  • 5 Meter Fairings for Proton M+ Variant
  • Breeze-M upper stage
  • Proton launch pad
  • Procedural and and fixed size fairings in different sizes and style
  • Payload adapters for various TKS and DOS payloads

Supported Mods

  • Realplume
  • Firespitter Core
  • Realfuels stockalike
  • Realism Overhaul
  • OldscoolFairings
  • Filter Extension
  • Tantares (as Payloads)

Fairing Logo Template


Qestions and Answers



Q: Why 2,5m?

A: 2.5m is a nice 60.xx percent scale that gives good kerbal-rocket proportions. Also it allows a wide range of "compatibility of scale" with common, widely used mods, like FASA, AB Launchers 2,5 and 5m Parts, Tantares, Fustek station parts etc. I have done a lot of reading through all of the scale discussions regarding FASA, Kosmos or other Protons, and decided that 2.5m is the best option for this mod.

Q: But I want a different scale! *stomps on the floor*

A: All parts are designed for easy scalability and are originally modelled at a 1:1 scale. All attachment nodes are either located at the origin point of the part, or implemented using empty transforms. Therefore, to rescale a part, just a single line (scale = xxx,xxx,xxx) has to be changed on everything but the procedural fairing parts, which require manually scaled diameters and vertical offsets. The major structural parts of the launch vehicle measure 4100mm diameter in reality, so a 3.75m Proton would need 3.75/4.1=0.914634146 scale. Due to the use of empty transforms to defined the nodes, no scaling issues like ill-fitting parts will occur at any scale.

Q: Is this mod ready for RSS/Realism Overhaul?

A: Sure it is. It comes with its own configurations for RO & RF

Q: I need payloads for the proton!

A: This mod comes with some small third-party adjustments, implemented as module manager configuration files, that add additional attachment nodes on Tantares TKS, Saljut/Mir-core & Kwant modules. Use the appropriate payload adapter/fairing extender that attaches to these points. FGB-based parts like the TKS ferry, Zarya use the "TKS" variant, wile DOS-based station parts (MIR core, Saljut, Almaz, Swesda), usually don't have fairings covering the widest part, and therefore use the "Saljut" variant of these extenders. See this image for illustration.

Q: What is a "24f"-part?

A: This mod is modelled with 48 faces per cylinder of the main structures instead of the "usual" 24 faces for tanks of that size to improve the image quality of the parts. While it is often reported to avoid additional triangles while modelling like the proverbial plague, KSP usually is far from being limited by means of polygon coun, but rather trough how many (physics-) parts the physics subsystem has to handle. To smoothen out the transitions to existing parts that use the 24 faces/cylinder rule of thumb, special parts have been implemented. These include the fairing base and the fairing extenders. The "24f" versions of the main fairing base and the "TKS"-version of the fairing extender use procedural fairings that are optimized for 24 face/cylinder parts, like Tantares TKS, while the "Saljut" fairing extender variant "24f" is used to attach the Tantares Saljut station parts to the proton launch vehicle.

Q: Is it performance-heavy?

A: Overall, this mod has been developed to give a really good visual appearance with acceptable and mild performance hit. While other mods have insane polygon counts on the smallest parts, but model the huge shapes very rough, I tried to spent more polygons on the main shapes and less on a screw-head hidden somewhere on the models. Internal tests with an ancient Geforce 275 GTX showed no negative performance impact.

Q: So, tell me about flying the proton!

A: This initial release is probably a bit on the overpowered side on stock kerbin, like all parts are. So adjust the fuel accordingly. She runs fine on 2x Kerbin. 64x Kerbin config should follow. I scaled the fuel by scaling the mass of the original fuels with the cubic scale-factor, got the volumina with help of the stock fuel/oxidizer density and adjusted the Fuel/OX rate to stock values. The results give stock-compatible size/volumina. RSS config has the original values.

If you have suggestions, please write a comment!




1.2 Expanding the possibilities – L, M & M+

  • New Proton Medium Stage 1.
  • New Proton Light Stage 1.
  • New Proton Light/Medium Stage 2.
  • Changed UV layout for all stage1 configurations accordingly.
  • Added 5 meter fairings for proposed Proton M+ launch vehicle.
  • Breeze-M Glonass antenna is now usable for KerbNet access.
  • Breeze-M Tracking antenna is now usable for CommNet access.
  • Breeze-M Telemetry antenna now adds SAS support.
  • KerbalGPS is removed from Glonass antenna, as the mod is dead, incompatible with 1.2 and in parts replaced by KerbNet.
  • Stage 3 and Stage 2 of Proton light/medium now have internal CommNet access.
  • Adjusted fairing decoupler and separation motors for RSS.
  • Added RD253->RD275->RD275M updates that can be unlocked in R&D building.
  • Added small dark stripe between second (light/medium first) and third (light/medium second) stages, solving minor artefacting, while also improving realism.
  • Improved mesh geometry dimensional accuracy and symmetry.
  • Fixed transparency issues on Fairing Parts in VAB. Made inner side of fairings opaque again.
  • Fixed spoiler toggle animation that wasn’t working.
  • Prevented toggling of spoiler in mid-flight or on the pad.
  • Removed TRReflection module from inside of fairings.

1.16 Proton Light - with 100% less second stage!

  • Added parts and craft file for the proposed 8K82KL Proton Light launch vehicle. Can be used with or without the Briz-M upper stage.
  • Added Firespitter as a suggested mod in CKAN.            
  • Fixed small visual bug where Briz inner mesh could cause some artefacts.
  • Fixed a little glitch in the calculated mass for stage 3 and changed its mass accordingly.
    Mass of RD-0214 was subtracted from a mass value that represented the engineless tanks only to begin with.
  • Fixed module manager wildcard that should target the fairing parts only (to add fairing logo switching) and was including the fairing bases, too.

1.15 Fairing shenanigans

  • Updated UV layout of all fairing parts for better texel resolution and less stretching while using the same amount of texture space.
  • Updated fairing textures and normal maps for higher realism.
  • Integrated customizable fairing logo textures (via firespitter).
  • Added togglable build guide on all fairing bases to support the creation of realistic procedural fairings.
  • Fixed some loose vertices on the launch pad.
  • Increased RD0210 heatshield mass slightly to make it more physics-stable and adjusted mesh origins.
  • Disabled shadow casting for flag decal, resulting in decreased z-fighting.
  • Improved emissive glow animations with integrated rgb-curve oversaturation to get multiple hues of emission colour.
  • Removed stage3 flameout FX (was not suitable for hypergolic engine and was broken anyway).

1.14 Tags, Gimbal Response & Fairing Caps

  • Added response speed settings for stock gimbal module.
  • Fairing caps (used on DOS-launches) adjusted for 1.1.
  • Fairing caps now use node{} setup.
  • Fairing caps material and texture changed.
  • Added search tags to all parts. Use *Proton* and *Breeze* (or *Briz*) in combination with the standard part tags.

1.13 Update for KSP 1.1

  • Changed gimbals on RD253/75, RD0210/11 and RD0214 to use new stock gimbal axis limits.
  • Fixed RD0210 smoke emitter that was missing.
  • Fixed launch pad origin and increased its mass to fix some physics irregularities.
  • Updated craft files for Breeze and Proton-m for KSP version 1.1.
  • Removed stage1 spoiler model, as it is integral part of the first stage.

1.12 FX Updates

  • Fixed surface FX config on RD253/75, RD0210/11 and RD0212.
  • Added geometry to improve shading on stage1 outrigger tanks and payload fairings.
  • Optimized mesh for breeze rcs thrusters to improve shading while reducing polycount.

1.11 Proton launch pad integration

  • Implemented Proton launch pad.
  • Implemented aerodynamic spoilers as switchable object into stage1 model. Old, obsolete model is still included to avoid braking savegames, but will be removed in future releases!
  • Adjusted stage1 texture to better fit launch pad
  • Engine stats from last playtest are now implemented as default on stock games. For users that want to keep the old, overpowered stats, they are available in the updated patch_engines_MASS.renamemetocfg file.
  • Changed specular & emissive texture for Proton engines to be more realistic.
  • Changed Breeze RCS nozzle-colour to be more realistic.
  • Changed spherical tank to be a highly pressurized tank for Realism Overhaul and RF-stockalike.
  • Fixed texture replacer reflections on fairings.
  • Fixed RO stats for Breeze fuel duct.


  • internal release for 1.11


  • internal release for 1.11

0.95 GitHub re-release for CKAN

  • Initial release for transition from KerbalStuff to GitHub
  • License changed from all rights reserved to a more user-friendly CC BY-NC-SA 4
  • Vessel's dorsal side is correctly aligned in the VAB compared to stock parts (craft rotated 90°)
  • Updated RealFuels support
  • RCS Adjusted for 1.05 as RCSFX is obsolete
  • RD-0210 engines are now single parts
  • RD-0210 heatshield now acts as a quad adapter to mount the engines
  • Engine heat glow animation re-enabled for 1.0.5. (might need further tweaking in strenght)
  • Added patch_engines_MASS.renamemetocfg that can be renamed to .cfg and incorporates work-in-progress adjustments for stock gameplay balancing of the Proton's engines.

0.92 update

  • fixed fairing separation

0.91 update

  • fixed potentially problem in RealPlume configs
  • fixed stock (no mod) gimbal problem. Now uses stock gimbal and Klockheed Martian Gimbal (highly recommended!) as an option.
  • fixed stock (no mod) engine FX on 8d84 and 15d4 retro motors.
  • adjusted thrust of stock (non-RF) engines

0.9 initial release




Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


Edited by InsaneDruid
update to 1.2

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Beautiful model and textures! Definitely downloading! :D

Edit 02:06

- Better put up a license on this release page though to keep the moderators happy! :)

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Those are some purty models, love that you included RealPlume support :D

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Hi InsaneDruid, I see on KerbalStuff and in the zip that this is All Rights Reserved, would you mind adding that to the OP?

Great looking models. :)

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"ÚÕàÑÃÂØçÕÒ", lol :D

Lovely mod! Say, the fairings - are they FAR-only or stock atmo is supported too?

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Hey guys :)

I just addded the licence information to the Op. As for the fairings: The Fairing Bases support procedural fairings (that can be made look more real by adding the fairing hinge parts, that are just for the graphical effect), and they are just like the regular fairings. Also inncluded are the standard and long Fairings as modelled Parts, that use Felbourns Old School Fairings mod to make then work for stock again. According to Felbourn, Old School Fairings arent needed in NEAR/FAR anyway. So it should work there too.

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As I understand you used this model as source? If it's true, could you, please, define author in the header of thread? Sorry, if I mistake.

Edited by belpyro

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No, this mod with all its parts is absolutely done from scratch by myself, based purely on real drawings, images and measurements, like from the ILS Proton Launch System Mission Planner's Guide.

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This looks very cool, I might need to play around with it.

BTW, I noticed that your RealPlume configs are claiming to be RealPlume themselves, using "FOR" statements for MM. This will really hose up other mods that test for the presence of RealPlume for players who don't have it installed.

Never use a "FOR" unless it's referencing your own mod.

Instead you want to use another "NEEDS", or set the "NEEDS" up to use an "and" conditional, like ":NEEDS[RealPlume&SmokeScreen]"

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No, this mod with all its parts is absolutely done from scratch by myself, based purely on real drawings, images and measurements, like from the ILS Proton Launch System Mission Planner's Guide.

And you have absolutely nailed it with your rendition! The detail is fantastic and it isn't a laggy beast in flight. Well done!

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I love this! I like mods with no dependencies.

However, as soon as I loaded it up and flew it, I noticed several issues that you should probably know about.

First, in the craft file(I didn't read which one in specific), there are the retro-rockets attatched to the second stage tank that are constantly showing their FX. It's a little strange...

Second, I don't know about the real proton, but the first stage engines have no gimbal? My first flight was completely vertical the whole time. I hate to use the word "Un-flyable" but... you know...

Other than that, I love it! You should try your hand at a Soyuz-FG or even more upper stages!

On a slightly unrelated note, you mentioned a config for 64K in the OP? What about Kerbin 365? As of right now, that's where my heart lies!

Edited by VenomousRequiem

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I'll have a look into these issues and fix them if i find something. As I dont have a beta testing crew I needed to draw a line and release sometime. Especially as this is my second KSP mod at all, and the first "functional" one for me some issues, especially flight-related might appear. Thats the main reason for the 0.9 designation ^^.

I see the gimbal problem. Currently, Klockheed martian gimbal is used by default, must have slipped in during testing (I have several installs here, for stock, RF, RSS etc), this should have been optional - though offering the better and more realistic gimbal, as it is allowing for one-axis only gimbal systems, like used in the real world proton.

I'll have a fix and will release an update within the next 24h (I want to collect some more feedback to avoid the need for too frequent updates.

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Just built this, great job! Some points;

- Problem with 1st and second stage mating/joint as craft explodes after MECO and 1st stage separation.

- The already mentioned problem with the 15D4 separation motors being "always on". Not just the VFX, but thrust too.

- 2nd stage is horribly underpowered, with a 4t test payload my TWR with the first stage was 2.53, but only 0.89 with the 2nd stage and it was not enough to get me into orbit.

Keep cracking, you've definitely got a lot of talent!

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How do you use the fairing extender? Im trying to fit a TDRS from raider nicks us probes into the proton. and for that matter, why don't the rd-253 engines gimbal?

Edited by DarthVader

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Fantastic mod...I was looking for a Breeze mod recently, you were at the right place at the right time. good job.

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If you need someone helping with some values like thrust etc, i could help. Got a lot of experience with my Stock Proton and did lot of research for it ...

just tested your Proton. It looks fantastic, but things like gimbal, thrust, seperation motors and fairings need some work.

(und grüße aus Halle :cool: )

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I internally fixed the separation motor issue and the stock gimbal. I will do the upload tomorrow. Have to figure out CKAN integration, too and maybe shift to github.

Never had a exploding problem though. The craft file provided is arranged in a way that the second stage engine is ignited prior to meco and stage sep, as in real live (Third stage verniers too, the ignite seconds before second stage shutoff.) Maybe you ignited it too early and it burned through the first stage?

Fairing extender are used to attach FGB or DOS based parts. Mainly the Saljut/MIR/ISS modules and TKS Ferry. Attach the appropriate extender instead of the fairing base, and then attach a TKS oder DOS-part. Especially Tantares parts are recommended atm, because they use the same size and scale. (See FAQ) Note to myself: I should make some howto-pictures^^

@ Darth: yea maybe we could work out some values later after github-integration of the proton (get my masters degree on monday, so its all a bit STRESS now ^^). ATM they are scaled from the real thing using some furmula.

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Ok, first update is online.

Should fix the gimbal problems on install without Klockheed Martian (I recommend it for realism reasons. On Stock, graphic effect of gimballing nozzles is disabled, as stock cant limized to one axis only.) Also the retrobooster-problem should be gone. I further adjusted the thrust to match the realfuels-version. Expect further tuning for better results.

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Dankeschön! I'll need to test this out. IIRC we never even had a Breeze-M/KM model before, and yours seems fantastic :)

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Wirklich großartige Teile, super Arbeit! 8) Wie wärs wenn du mal in der deutschen Communnity vorbeischaust? Gibt viel zu wenige wirkliche Modder da nach meinem Geschmack, und ich glaube von dir könnte ich noch so einiges lernen, insbesondere bzgl. Unwrapping und texturieren. :)

Really great parts, good job! If you want, why not have a look at the German KSP Community? In my eyes there are not enough real modders there, and I think that I really could learn from you, especially in UV unwrapping and texturing. :)

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Awesome! :D

Btw, could I ask you to add support for Raidernick's Salyut, Almaz, TKS, Zond and Bobcat's Mir? A separate optional mm patch should be enough to fix their different scale (I could make the MM patches but I'm quite without free time lately) :)

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