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Explain that to the insurance agency

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I needed it for my blasted ham radio!



Rover survives 110m/s lithobrake on Duna only to destroy its reaction wheels and lose the snack supply for a nearby colony


The litho brake was initially denied by the way, so it was committed illegally for your info

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"But, but, but, but I thought that was the smoothie dispenser..."l_self_destruct_keychain.jpg

You attempted to sabotage the buisness of your insurance company, and there is an employee from that same company (not yet aware of the sabotage) sitting right in front of you. What do you tell him?

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Just like the first launch of the Ariane 5, "The on board computers decided the rocket was 90 degrees off course"


One of your communications satellites crashes on the launchpad, even though it was a few thousand kilometers away.



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