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Add the ability to put delays on staging/Action Group actions

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That way, when the relevant stage or Action Group is triggered, the particular action on delay won't happen immediately. Say, for example, I didn't want my spent stage's parachutes to deploy until some time after the seperators finished firing. I'd edit the stage such that the parachutes had, for example, 10 seconds of delay.

Also, by tuning different delays of different lengths, events could be more skillfully and carefully choreographed.

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make countdowns for launches, which is a feature I've always personally wanted...

My inner child squeed reading that statement. Having actual countdowns in KSP? Not even something to enhance normal gameplay, but that last bit of presentation that got my eleven-year-old self hooked watching the Shuttle launches.

You, sir, deserve rep. You managed, in one short sentence, to actually get me to grin ear to ear as well as stir up a well of emotion in me, neither of which happens all that often.

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