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Good names for Urlum (Outer Planet Mod Uranus Analog) Probe


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No, the only letter you pronounce different from the butt joke is the 'a'. You should not double up on the length of the last vowel, that remains a short 'u' like in 'fuss' (which it in fact rhymes with). And then you put the stress on the first letter - the 'U' instead of the 'a'. I know, text on the internet doesn't translate well into spoken word - want me to find a youtube video where it is pronounced properly? :)

I mean, technically it's even starting with a "oo" sound instead of a "you" sound, due to its roman origins. But that's honestly an acceptable change that 'localizes' it a bit for English-speakers and doesn't modify the name in any significant way. Just a little embellishment on the onset while the word remains otherwise unchanged. It's when you start moving the stress to other parts of the word and use the wrong 'a' that it starts being a mispronunciation.

LOL! Next you'll be telling me it's Mercoo-ry, Venn-oos, Marts, Yupiter, Satoo-rn and Neptoona.

Say what you see dude - I don't rag the colonials for 'aluminum'. Well, I do, but not too bad.

Edit: Just so there's no question, I completely respect your right to be right - have a rep. :D

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