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My Spiderbro, darnit.

Sharkman Briton

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So for a while on the inside of my window I've had this small lil' spider, minding his own business, I named him Spiderbro, and made sure nobody killed him, one time him (Or her.) was found by me eating another spider, Spiderbro might've been a female, as female spiders usually eat their mates.

Well today my dad came into my room, I introduced him to Spiderbro, and he goes "Thats a False Widow." I didn't believe him, but after he showed me a pic of a False Widow, and I looked at Spiderbro's back, I realized it was definately a false widow, especially after comparing it's web.

So the ONE TIME I befriend a spider (Albeit a small one.) and I'm okay with it, it turns out to be a dangerous one! Darnit.

My dad was just about to smash it's brains out before it ran behind the vent in the window, he's shut it so Spiderbro can't get back in.

Goodbye Spiderbro, you were a cool guy/gal.

Anyone else got stories like this? Spiderbro's or encounters with dangeroud spiders?

(The false widow is the most dangerous spider in my country, I hope. Thats the good thing about the UK, no humongous, killer spiders.)


Back to planning my RSS Lunar Orbital mission...

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One time I was on a week long campout, and went on an outpost hike (10-20 miles from camp just in any direction marking the way back, sometimes following a few trails). I set up my tent so i wouldnt get eaten by bugs (20 pound tent, wish i got a smaller one), the next morning I wake up, chillin out side my tent is a black widow (we have those in texas). he was just chillin there, on the side of my tent, I named em "Spodermun". he crawled onto my pack so naturally i freak out, hoping he will leave i wait another 10 minutes, he stayed! i picked up my pack then he went to the outer side of it and just chilled there until we got back to the main camp. then he left and probably lived a happy life (hopefully lol). By far the chillest spider i've ever known. the rest get killed on sight :P

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We had black widows in my house in Florida growing up. Jet black with the oversized abdomen and the red hourglass mark. They're pretty docile spiders, though it was always a good idea to check the inside of your shoes before you put them on. :)

The scorpions​ on the other hand, they were pretty aggressive. Not any more dangerous than a bee sting, but wow did they hurt.

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I found this little lady the other day while watering the dahlias with my daughter:


Grass spiders (commonly called "hobos" around here) get pretty big in Oregon, that one is about an inch and a half to two inches across by the legs. I destroyed her web yesterday in a effort to get her to move elsewhere. I found a second about this size on the side of the house in a cat shelter, had to smash it because it was occupying a fantastic dog/cat blanket in the shelter that I wanted to take to my new house. I don't often smash spiders unless they're terrorizing the inside of my house.

On the same day I found the spider in the blanket I also found a garden spider about the same size in a bush near our front door. My daughter and I also catch the little jumping spiders around our backyard. I like those, they've got a lot of personality.

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