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Things that planes do (but shouldn't)


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Story Time!

So you did it. You're on the Myth-busters team. Your first myth is pretty unusual. Few people have seen this, but there is a video of a plane that is vertical using only the power of it's lone propeller to keep it a few inches off the ground, presumably at an air show. It's no jumbo jet sized plane, so things need to be kept small and it has to have a kerbal in, but it could be remote controlled. Either way, it needs a crew pod.

Kudos to those that read the above in any of the Myth-busters' voices.

But TJ, how do I win/what scoring is there?

Good question. There is no real way to win. Complete the challenge and feel good.

So where's your entry?

Right here (it includes the video of that plane I was talking about):

Kerbals, start your engines!

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