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Falcon 9 sea platform landing game.


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We should also be mentioning which level we were attempting. There are three levels of difficulty. Hitting space switches.

Easy - ground landing

medium - still barge landing, rocket comes from overhead

hard- Platform moves to the left, rocket comes from the left moving right.

I got the hard one in 23 attempts, didn't even realize there were easier levels. :D

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I happened to get the barge landing on the first try, when the link was shared on IRC. The grass landing is somewhat harder due to the need to get translation and rotation right the first try before it runs out of fuel. The moving barge requires keeping pilot induced oscillation in check; instead of killing velocity and sending the rocket careening out of control, attempt to maintain a slight lateral drift within landing tolerance.

I don't have any special skills per se, but in 0.90 I have had built a very tall and rather dangerous

that takes off and lands in tail-sitter orientation.
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Got the barge in "only" fifteen tries, including the two silly ones:

I've since tried the other two levels. Believe it or not, landing it on the third level (the one with the multiple landing pads and the grass) was hardest for me! Perhaps it's because that level had the lowest amount of fuel to spare...


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