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Moons in danger?


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Now that I think about it, that might explaing the Report while I was flying around the poles... I seriously thought it was the Magic Bolder.


It can be seen from pretty high up as a sparkly dot.... much higher than boulders normally show up. That's how I found it. When I did a second orbit it didn't go away I knew I had something...

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Space near Bop?

It has no biomes???

Crew reports from space near aren't biome specific. EVA reports are, for some reason.

As to overheat, I've had this happen near Minmus of all places - a structural fuselage that held the docking port collection on a new station just up and poofed at a 35km periapsis (capture, not landing as it's an orbital station). It might have involved struts, as in a subsequent attempt after disconnecting and reconnecting went fine, without overheat.

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