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The Mun (Pocket Edition)

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This is a set of 1 / 200,000 scale models of every celestial body in the Kerbol system, save for Kerbol itself. The Mun is no larger than an FL-800 fuel tank. They are all treated by the game as parts, so they can be Klawed, docked to, pushed around, flung into space, carried in cargo holds, and stood on. They provide no science, and you cannot plant flags on them.



Download (KerbalStuff): https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1171/The%20Mun%20%28Pocket%20Edition%29

Download (CurseForge): http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/236317-the-mun-pocket-edition

License: Public Domain

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I saw this and the first thing that popped into my mind was a Kerbal Konstructs visitor center with the Kerbin system on display.

Edit: You might want to list your license in the OP - moderators are sticklers about that.

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It's only a representation really. Extra planets (or indeed a scaled set of all the planets/moons to set up somewhere in the KSC) is simply to provide a neat visual and a form of sculptured artwork. I'd simply set it up as a series of "Kerbal Konstructs" statics and find a pleasing spot to stick it. If a scaled Kerbol could be created with light emitters and whatnot, it would look awesome at night too.

The next stage would be to find a way to import the entire construct into a single model with an animation that would slowly simulate the movement of the planets/moons in their orbits. But that's way out in the future.

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It doesn't have to be tga does it? Having it any other format should work unless the mod specifically looks for a tga file. I'd go with DDS just to go with the status quo and save people some RAM :P

I'll see if I can get KSP Part Tools to do that.

Meanwhile, Gilly is coming along nicely...


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Feedback time!


Is this level of quality sufficient?

-Minmus heightmap isn't quite accurate, but it is recognizable.

-Gilly uses its "close" colormap, not its "far" colormap

-Kerbin (and any other atmspheric bodies) has (or will have) no atmosphere

-Close-to-spherical bodies (Mun, Tylo, and Kerbin are shown here) will be shaped and lit like spheres, ignoring their negligible geometries.

-Minimal poly count on all

-Water is properly specular (reflects the sun), but does not look quite right without Kerbin's atmosphere

-Slightly noticeable iffy poles (not shown)

Also, would you like these bodies the same size (shown here), to scale, or with moons half the size of planets?

Also, does anyone have a clever idea for the in-VAB-part infos?

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