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[1.12.5] Bluedog Design Bureau - Stockalike Saturn, Apollo, and more! (v1.12.0 "Песок" 13/Jan/2023)


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2 hours ago, northern said:

Can you rename the parts/ description for the Delta II so they say lower tank/ upper tank on the Dev build please?


Thank you

The revamped tanks are already called this, but I would assume you are referring to the old delta tanks which will be depreciated as of the current dev build.

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30 minutes ago, Zorg said:

While it would be hilarious, I'm not going to make every rocket Cobalt hates. I've never had much interest in Nova.

The absolute agony these two sentences make me feel is horrific. 


In all seriousness, that's completely fine, given that it's just a direct ascent Apollo.

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