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[1.8.1-1.11.2] Bluedog Design Bureau - Stockalike Saturn, Apollo, and more! (v1.7.3 "Огромный" 19/Apr/2021)

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13 minutes ago, DaveyJ576 said:

Even with these "smaller" solids and air-lighting the LR87s, it still has a 3.22 surface TWR. It leaps off the pad!

Note that MJ (and presumably other such indicators) show wrong info for most BDB SRBs in Delta-V Info. Especially UA120s - they feature a 100% to 60% (or something like that) thrust curve, which means the less the fuel, the less the thrust.

However, MJ show correct numbers in Vessel Info. In my practice, a Titan 3C\23C with a typical payload (Transtage + satellite) rarely reaches TWR 3 during SRB phase.

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5 hours ago, computercat04 said:

Why does this mod has some FASA parts?

Some useful parts like the launch clamps were borrowed from them back in the day.

1 hour ago, kerbalxploder said:

Am I correct to assume the exhaust plumes are included with this mod?

BDB comes with its own custom plumes by default. It also has full realplume support if you want something even more enhanced.

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16 hours ago, Zorg said:

Some useful parts like the launch clamps were borrowed from them back in the day.

And to be clear I do believe that Frizzank (the creator of FASA) gave full permission to use the launch clamps as well as the radiological science defs.   

I know he has popped in here time to time and responded to messages in the past (althought I don't know when the last time he was on the KSP forums was.)

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Here's a sneak peak of some of the stuff that I've been doing lately. I've been working on Strawman, an agena-based signals intelligence reconnaissance satellite. Here are some illustrations below:

It's quite a strange looking satellite, but definitely one of my favorite agena-based satellites. So far I've completed the models and textures of the bus and one of the SIGINT payloads, thresher. Thresher also has a pair of two small deployable antennas, which will be separate parts.
These are still WIP, and a couple minor changes have been made to the thresher payload and the main bus since these pictures. The plan is 3 switches for the bus's top; capped, truss, and bare. I'm still also figuring out how the signals intelligence experiment will work. It will probably function as a multi-part experiment similar to the ranger electrostatic experiment, or some of the nimbus experiments. For the sake of reusability, most of the antennas will function as normal antennas, so they can be used on other spacecraft like communications satellites and such. The remaining parts I have to do are the reaper payload, the two thresher antennas, the harvester antenna, and the solar panels.

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A Ultra Long Duration - High DV - Multiplanetary Grand Tour has begun:




Parking orbit: 85 * 110 km


Intermediate orbit 85 * 1800 km (based on a 2.5x Kerbin System)


This is "Grand Tour"... a 7.7 tons, 15 instruments, solar and RTG powered ion engine spacecraft. Currently, this mission has to accomplish 5 maneuvers for getting out of Kerbin's SOI. After that, she's going all the way to Sarnus via Jool. With a dV of 17 km/s, she has enough for doing that with no aligments for gravity assitances.



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4 hours ago, Invaderchaos said:

The remaining parts I have to do are the reaper payload, the two thresher antennas, the harvester antenna, and the solar panels.

How would the fairing function? Stock\SAF module for the bus, or parts like GATV one? Or was it a single-piece ICBM-style nosecone?

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Tried the new WaterfallFX plumes (currently available for LH2 engines)...

...My first simulation game was the F-19 Stealth Fighter. Yeah, the one with 16-bit graphics, wildly incorrect Soviet tech and probably the most convincing smoke ever made in the history of video games. Yes, you read that right.

F-19's smoke was really simple: a stream of gray flat triangles (polygons? Sorry, I don't know the correct term) that emanated from the source. These forms swirled randomly, which made the smoke column 3D. It was gray, it was thick, and it was the most convincing virtual smoke ever.

F-117, the remake, changed that to a simple column of sprites. No volume, no thickness, nothing. Bam, the magic is gone.

That's exactly what I felt when I first saw WaterfallFX on RL10. Blue tube with swirls on its surface - as opposed to RealPlume's particle cloud. Bam, the magic is gone. I won't post screenshots - you have to see it in-game to fully understand what I mean.

Don't get me wrong - both ways have their appeal. But I really hope BDB won't drop RealPlume support in favor of WaterfallFX.

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15 hours ago, OrbitalManeuvers said:

A slight re-imagining of a Surveyor mission. 

  Hide contents



So you combined the Hypothetical HOSS with Burner2?   Interesting concept and it looks pretty dang good!    How was it to fly?


@CobaltWolf, any chance at the bottom of the OP you could link in BDB specific mods.  (BDBNIC, the new BDB associated Vulcan etc.)?   Like right above the Hashtag?

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