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(WIP)[Kopernicus] Kerbalized Realistic Solar System


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Have you ever tried playing with RSS, but found it too hard? Have you ever tried playing OPM, but found Laythe to bug your realism needs? Well suffer no more!

This is the Kerbal Realistic Solar System mod. It uses the Outer Planets Mod, Sigma Recolor, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Kopernicus, and a small config I made in order to turn that dream a reality.


I can't get imgur to do the full slideshow, so click this link:http://imgur.com/a/r0QYJ

NOTE: All licenses are included for the aforementioned mods. Also, you need to download KOPERNICUS 0.4 and EvE.

REQUIRES MODS: Though OPM is included, it is highly recommended that you also download Kerbol+, Environmental Visual Enhancements, and SigmaRecolor. These mods are not required, but greatly enhance the playing experience.

Q and A-

None yet

DEVELOPMENT THREAD- http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/135714-%28WIP%29-Kopernicus-Kerbalized-Realistic-Solar-System


v0.9 Fixed up some licenses, WIP cloud config improved.

v0.8 Beta-Mega update, Kerbol+ is now included.

v0.1.5 Beta- Fixed download link

v0.1 Beta-Initial release


So far, I have met all of my planned objectives.


This mod is licensed:


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There are a few things you need to change to comply with the Add-on Posting Rules:

  • Provide source code for any plugin you distribute. You can do that for EVE by linking to its forum thread.
  • Include your license in the download zip.
  • Provide the correct license for each mod you redistribute. Sigma's mods are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA, not CC-SA.
    • You'll also need to provide credit.

I've removed the download link until you have a chance to correct it.

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