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crazy things to do in ksp

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I have done some crazy things in ksp. how about we all share what we did! I will start.

and you don't need to number it, I just will.

1) land a rocket (I was able to do it with a 2.25 meter size rocket) using only air brakes

2)militarized the ksc

3)summon the kraken

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Huh? Am I missing a joke here?

Well, I guess. :)

If you've not been to the exact south pole you won't know that at 90 degrees South craft spontaneously explode due to overheating. The south pole should be cold shouldn't it? So the joke is the necessity of making overheating impossible to go somewhere really cold.

Yeh, it loses a bit in the explaining... :blush::rolleyes:

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Blew up during reentry from overheating... at 129 500 m. (That was in RSS, atm height is 130km)

Yes I was going pretty fast.

Kind of ashamed I turned on infinite fuel for this, I'll try again without.

Thinking about it, that could make an interesting challenge: blow up from overheating as high as you can ! :cool:

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Grammar, and forgot a word
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Improper Re-entry Challenge.

Extreme funny and satisfying to see Jebediah doing anything successfully wrong, a must-do challenge for all who feel bored waiting for 1.0.5/ 1.1...

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1.0.5 sorry:)
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I usually play mostly without time-warp, which means interplanetary travel takes a while IRL for me. What I did in the last transfer window to Duna was to put a tiny, tiny probe on top of quite a big rocket, flinging it out of the Kerbin system at over 8000 m/s (at Kerbin Pe). (Not RSS!)

This means it arrives at Duna only 35 days later, hitting the atmosphere at nearly 9000 m/s for a hefty aerobrake and one hot heat shield!

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Read the small print after designing an huge mining base to use to refuel tankers on Minmus.


The extra rcs and ore tank was just docking. however base has to be on wheels was more of an issue, first it was no room. most of the edges was taken up by drills or legs.

The shape was not designed to be driven anyway.

Worse static tests of an empty base showed that the wheels would not take the strain even on Minmus. And yes the wheels had to be bolted on in space.

Solution, yes with the landing legs up the base is on wheels :) I also has an good bumper.


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My favorite crazy thing to do is to try to see how fast I buzz the tower. (I've gone almost hypersonic.)

One particular fun thing to do is to push a plane so fast it explodes from air friction heat.

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