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ignore .git folder in saves

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I have had problems in the past with corrupted savegame files, especially when using (and building) mods, so I now control my savegame files with git.

This creates a .git folder in the saves folder, which is picked up by the game as an "incompatible/invalid save". It's no problem as I simply choose "delete", KSP is unable to delete it, and I can play as normal.

The only problem comes if I choose ignore instead of delete, which locks up the client necessitating a restart.

I would think it would be a simple change to have the client ignore dot folders when looking for savegames. Thanks

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I've always put the git repository in the KSP root folder, with a comprehensive .gitignore. This had the nice side effect of letting me also keep my mods and mod config files in version control, very useful pre-CKAN.

But yeah, ignoring dot files is probably a good idea.

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This creates a .git folder in the saves folder, which is picked up by the game as an "incompatible/invalid save".

To avoid that problem you could move your repository so it's not stored in the saves folder.

Run the following in the saves folder:

git init --separate-git-dir=../saves.git

This will move the .git folder up to ksp folder as saves.git/ and leave a .git file that links to the repository so the working dir is still connected.

I made a plugin called KerbalGit, that sets up a git repo for the saves folder and automatically commits on certain events.

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