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Kerbal Luxury


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I wish I had the time and knowledge and the time to gain the knowledge to work on this myself, but looking at stock textures made me confuse how those turn into the parts we know and kind-of love.

On a Facebook KSP Group, there was an image of a KSP shuttle re-entry. The dialogue of the original post went something like this:

Jeb: What's burning?!

KSP: You.

A comment continued to say:

Jeb: Who designed this thing?

KSP: You.

And I proceeded to say:

Jeb: Did I?

KSC: You had a bit too much "Kerboom Juice" and only added life support after you recovered.

That. The Kerboom juice sparked the idea.

The main features I have in mind are short and simple that can be expanded upon. They are separated by mechanics and parts.

- Happiness. This allows kerbals to do tasks more efficiently when happiness is high. Engineers repair more, pilots have stronger SAS and scientists gain more science.

- Kerboom Juice. This resource can boost happiness and maintain it. Run out of Kerboom Juice and things go wrong. Also, tanks of the stuff could be attached externally with an explosives symbol or something on the side?

- A Bar. This would look somewhat similar to the stock science module in terms of dimensions and general shape.

- Sleeping quarters. This could be similar to the hitch-hikers module, except slightly longer and have capacity for 6 kerbals.

- Computer. No, not a probe core. One that can play music and games in orbit. I really don't expect this for games, but if you can overwrite the music while in orbit to play user-selected music... so much rep for you.

That's what I've got for now. Really, the Bar and Kerboom Juice are the two that I mainly want to see.

Happy Modding!

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KeepFit is close - it monitors how you store your Kerbals in pods, whether they're comfy and have room to exercise. It's fitness versus happiness, but the same result - you can't just shove them in a Mk1 pod for years and expect them to function properly.
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