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Show off your awesome KSP Pictures

Capt'n Skunky

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Dragon orbiting Kerbin:


From where did this mod come? I don\'t remember having seen a Dragon capsule that looked like that, and it appears that the solar panels are actually aimed at the sun?

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They\'re just hanging out on top of the VAB.


After an early launch fail and the ship started to go down very early, I aborted and spammed the space bar. I ended up landing on top of the VAB.

I accidentally the kerbonauts. Without destroying anything (including the capsule).


I was trying to go to the moon, and on the long trip there, I got impatient and timewarped. I didn\'t slow down quick enough, and after about 10 seconds of freezing (I assume going through the moon), the game started going again with the Kermans dead, but with the capsule still intact. I ended the flight, and the log says that NONE of the parts are destroyed, even though they\'ve been stripped off and only the capsule was to be seen.

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