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Hype Train 1.0.5: The Local Train Route


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Alright, so it's that time of [insert time period here] again, where an update of Kerbal Space Program has entered Experimentals. Because this is only a partial update instead of a full update, the train is not going on an express route, but instead a "local" passenger train. This makes no difference to you, dear passengers, because Hypespace is weird. Note: The Hype Seaplane is also an available service, but we all know that planes haven't fared so well in past races. ;) There is no competition between the train and the seaplane. It's a spirit of co-operation, guys!



Trains can go in the water too!

Features in 1.0.5

  • Arsonide's Contextual Contracts
    The contracts in KSP up until now have been pretty self-contained and independent of much of the player's actions, and the rest of the game. Contextual contracts aims to remedy that with a new system that detects and creates contracts for existing vessels. Satellites, for instance can be tagged in a contract to adjust orbits into an already existing satellite network. The chance for these to appear increases as the player builds and places more assets, causing these missions to show up more often in place of contracts requiring new vessels.
  • RoverDude's Thermal Improvements
    Radiators, the ISRU and RTGs are all getting a bit of attention from RoverDude! Notably, the radiators can now be hotter than the parts they're cooling, allowing for active refrigeration, the ISRU's core now heats separately from its skin and the RTGs now generate appropriate amounts of heat.
  • PorkJet's New, and Overhauled Parts
    We've showcased a few of the parts that Porkjet has been working on in the past, namely he's been working on a Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) analogue, an overhauled Mk1 Cockpit, overhauled versions of the Basic Jet Engine, Turbo Jet Engine, Mk1 Fuselage, Mk1 Structural Fuselage and Mk1 Intake. You can view these parts in this album, though for now we haven't made a final decision on the Mk3 ramp yet, as it requires a bit more coding.
  • NathanKell's Thermal Tweaks and Fixes
    EVA kerbals now handled properly.
    Energy neither created nor destroyed when exposed area changes.
    Physics constants and ablation tweaked.
    Ablation rate is now based on the maxAmount always, not the current amount.
    Heating from engine exhaust improved and rebalanced.
  • Overhauled buoyancy (seaplanes!)
  • And a lot of bugfixes.
  • Kerbin World Firsts notifications
  • And probably more that I missed! Make sure to tell me if I've missed anything major!
  • NathanKell's work on sunlight and energy for solar panels
  • New internals for Mk1 Cockpit and Mk2 Crew Cabin
  • Using and creation of shaders (partially, will be completed in 1.1)
  • Navball for Kerbals on EVA. Navball follows the camera and the possibility of maneuver nodes while on EVA.
  • Engine Plume Lighting.

    Javascript is disabled. View full album
    Javascript is disabled. View full album
    New on 10/30/2015
    Small ISRU, Large Dental Drill, small Ore tanks, and (it looks like) new radiator panels!
    New on 11/3/2015
    Jet engine models that include the actual jet engine! Woohoo! Seems to have been removed due to VTOL fans' protests.
    Tinted fog when camera is underwater.
    New on 11/7/2015
    KSPTV is livestreaming a 1.0.5 marathon.

    first video I saw: a KSP trailer by StreetLampPro (More of a trailer for the game in general than for the update, but some new stuff is shown)

    And a few hours later, Scott Manley joins the scene.
    Let's all hope for a great Hype Train Voyage!
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I would've stolen it, save for my respect of your tireless dedication to manning the Hype Train.

For some players, buoyancy itself deserves a Hype SeaPlane, and bugfixing or contextual contracts justifies it for others (and I'm pretty happy about the World's Firsts revamp).

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We can, however, predict releases. I'd put my money on Next Monday or the Monday after that, if not for the fact that as the driver I'm not actually allowed to bet.

- - - Updated - - -

Wait, are we getting an aerospike engine? I completely missed it when it was posted.

We already have one. We're just getting an overhauled one. Shown on Squadcast a while ago.

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