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Angled engines




I am building a rover to land on Mun that has engines attached on the side pointing down. I tried to do some landings (hyperedit is my friend) but the system thinks my engine is in the rear like that of a rocket, which send me full throttle 90° to where I want it to go when it does it's retrograde burn (funny stuff!). Is there any way to tell KSP I have my engines pointed in another direction?

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If your engines are not inline with your control point, then you have to mentally do that yourself...

However, you can click on pods/probecores/docking ports and select "control from here"

If you put a docking port jr facing the same direction your engines push you, and then select "control from here", you should get the navball in the orientation that you want.

I made a rover to land on duna that had retrorockets to cushion its parachute landing that were 90 degrees from any control point... so for my retroburn to deorbit, I pointed the nose directly at the planet, rotated so that the belly of the rover was facing prograde, and burned... I didn't have a marker, but I didn't need one.

For a more precise maneuver node... like an interplanetary burn, a better system would be needed.

For your rover, you should really be able to just figure out where to point your craft without switching control points

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The best way (and the only way I can think of) is to mount a probe core or docking port facing the same direction that the engine will push you. Then you can right-click the port or core and select "control from here." This will realign your navball and prograde markers accordingly.

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You may also want to consider alternative rover delivery methods. Most of my rovers have used this type of landing. (This was my first rover MK_I and was admittedly unstable, but the delivery method lived on in my other rover designs since.




MK-2 (Notice the landing leg on the nose that was used to cushion the topple after landing)




MK-3 (This was by far my most used rover in the early days even though it suffered from unavoidable symmetry issues that made it a little difficult to drive, nevertheless better than its predecessors)





My experimental All-In-One moonbase with attached (and very unstable) rover.




Another possible delivery method to atmospheric worlds (though I only employed it on kerbin)


The strange looking vehicle to the far right was a refueling station that had been dropped in form orbit.


Please forgive the age of these screenshots as lately I havent really done many rover missions. I am hoping and waiting for a complete rework of the rover driving system as it is very problematic making it too easy to get going too fast or topple your rover unintentionally.

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