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Fonts suddenly chunky



Hi there,

I noticed this happen to one of my game fonts today. Any ideas what might have caused it?



Can you point me to the relevant font/texture files so I can confirm they are the originals?

Just that stock font seems to have been affected. e.g. Contracts+ text shows up just fine.

I'm running a slew of mods but am hoping some community advice will save me having to take potshots until I figure out which one is responsible (or if it's some kind of system setting). I already tried removing Active Texture Management and deleted ModuleManager.ConfigCache.

Other things I've already tried:

- Removing "-popoutwindow" argument (which I had recently added). No effect.

- Turning down Anti-Aliasing settings (I had recently changed it to max)

Grateful for any advice on where to zero-in my troubleshooting efforts!

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[quote name='Nansuchao']This is an issue with DirectX 11. They help to save RAM, but mess a little with fonts.[/QUOTE]
Ah! Thanks that helps explain it.

Does it have to do with DX11 texture compression, DDS, etc? Is there any way I can track down the texture file and prevent it from being compressed?

(Note to self - here's a longer thread on this issue: [url]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/106356-Forcing-DirectX11-40-memory-reduction%21?p=1694669&viewfull=1#post1694669[/url]) Edited by Fwiffo
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Yes. I prefer it to OpenGL, as the game looks better and some things seem slightly faster. (I did a lot of testing between the two a while back).

Darn, I was hoping there would be something I could do to improve the text (even if it meant coding a new mod or something)
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