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Center Of Mass Symmetry (COMS)

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Have you ever tried to build a VTOL? Probably. Have you successfully build a VTOL with more than 2 engines? Probably not (nice going if you have). The main issue with the VTOLS with more than 1 engine is that there are issues with the center of mass and thrust.

So I was thinking 'well, how about having symmetry around the center of mass so that forces stay balanced?' But what could other implications involve? Well, landers count as VTOL's, but still. If you have an off-set center of mass on the lander, why not balance the craft's center of thrust by having COMS? OR if landing isn't your style, what about in orbit? With space stations? This new feature can help with docking by placing RCS thrusters symmetrically around the CoM, preventing for the RCS thrusters from applying torque.

So how would this feature work? The way I see it, it would involve two things:

-The first is what you want to be in the same place. You could use COMS to align the center of mass and thrust, as in my examples. But you could also do this with mass + lift, and lift+thrust (because why not?) or have a witches brew of all three! This feature can also help with making planes stable... ish.

-The second is calculating where rockets could be placed to balance the crafts CoM/CoT (or any other combo). This would be done more by the computer and may increase memory. But hey, who's up for the idea?

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