Stock Flight Recorder anyone?

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Hello fellow Kerbals and Kerbalinas,

I'm frequently using the awesome Graphotron 2000 for flight engineering purposes and, though quite capable of recording plenty of data, I feel the need to record M04R DATA... for SCIENCE!

I mean, there IS a flight recorder in KerbalEDU :D so what about bringing it to stock game? (clearly emphasizing this sentence on purpose - don't trust me? check it yourself!). The possibility to choose what kind of data you want to record and the sampling rate, then exporting it to some sort of CSV file, that would be quite awesome.

Additionaly to what Graphotron 2000 is already able to record(*), I'd quite appreciate to reconstruct trajectories, through the recording of, say:

For trajectory analysis:

- GPS coordinates above the ground when orbiting a planet or flying in the atmosphere, this is quite interesting when you develop airframes and ... reentry capsules without wings that you try to render controllable (... sort of)

- orbital parameters like apoapsis, periapsis, mean anomaly etc etc, maybe someone will find that helpful...

For general analysis:

- flight events, like staging, parts that broke due to impact or overheating, with a time tag,

For flight analysis:

- parts temperature? it's already displaying through the debug menus, which is fantastic, though it could be even cooler to be able to plot it for later analysis,

What do you think? I'm sure I'm not the only one needing a good old flight recorder :D besides, did I mention... it's for SCIENCE!?


note *: Graphotron 2000 records:

- altitude (ASL, AGL)

- dynamic pressure

- values for science instruments (2HOT, Pressmat barometer, Seismic, gravioli etc)

- Velocity (surface, orbital)

- ressources (electricity, fuels, ore, ablator...)

- total mass of the vessel

- Angle of attack

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Hi, did you ever make any progress on this, or does anyone know if anything's around these days? I was stumbling around and found this discussion:

Then I found your post. I'm no coder, so I don't know if its useful, but it's what got me to this old post =] I'd love to have a sort of navigatable replay, if not be able to resume the game from any point along the timeline. Or at least frequent, more complete save states.



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Nope did not do any progress on that side but, there are interesting mods you can checkout like kOS or kRPC that allow you to run your own scripts during your flights. As they both can access to information relevant to the flight, you can log them and export them to a file for future exploitation if need to - that's at least what I needed at the time.

If I understand correctly what you need, it's more about the ability to replay the flight and resume the game from any point in time. I don't know about that unfortunately. There is this Persistent Trails mod that saves the motion of the vessels, so you can replay them later but, it's mainly a visual thing you can use to make great videos I guess. I don't think there is a "replay from there" option, it's not its purpose at all.

Maybe saving more often would be enough for you. I think there is a mod that automatically saved at regular intervals somewhere but, you'll have freezes and pauses everytime you have an autosave, and the more vessels you have spawned in the universe, the longer.


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