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77 Industries: SY1 & SY2 Super Yachts


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77 Industries

SY1 Mintaka




This 36 meter yacht is perfect for the extremely wealthy kerbal.

It has a drill and small ISRU so it has an unlimited range, but drilling only works in shallow waters, naturally.


  • 4 J-33 turbofans
  • 2 fuel cell arrays
  • bathroom
  • engine room
  • party deck
  • bridge
  • observation deck
  • kitchen


Updated to version 1.3!


  • Added 2 J-33 turbofans to increase top speed.
  • Added bow thrusters (toggle them with AG 4 & 5).
  • Doubled the rudder.
  • Installed Juno's in the bow just for creating a wake effect (toggle with AG3).
  • Replaced a lot of wing panels with radiator panels to lower drag.
  • Installed an antenna on the bottom of the keel so the camera can pan under the ship.
  • Changed friction values for the landing gear.
  • Installed extra fuel tanks in the bow.




Top speed with fuel tanks full is 22.4 m/s (was 16.3 m/s).

Economy cruise is at 33% throttle, 13.1m/s (was 9.2 m/s).

Original album with some more info:


see 77 Maritime - SY1 Mintaka on KerbalX.com

Have fun!



SY2 Alcyone


This fast yacht has a low part count and a top speed of 32 m/s with tanks full. With the tanks almost empty it has a never exceed speed of 36 m/s.
It uses a ballast to prevent list and to make it corner like a speed boat, and has 4 Juno's under the bow for a wake effect.

Never exceed 36 m/s! If the bow comes airborne, switch on the thrust reversers (AG2) immediately!

Action groups:

  1.  toggle engines
  2.  toggle thrust reversers
  3.  toggle wake effect


see 77 Maritime - SY2 Alcyone on KerbalX.com

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What absout adding small landing pad for VTOL...? We can make pretty small VTOLs now with those tiny jet engines. :-)

I used KV-2 Griffon from zombiphylax with quite some succes landing it on landingpad on water. But that was pretty large one. Just put some girders, command seet and jets together and it should work :-)

I really think that Kerbal who could afford this yacht would also have his helicopter :-D

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That is indeed cool. However, because a vehicle can refuel does not give it unlimited range.

The range of any vessel is constrained by the size of the fuel tank. Your range is limited to this. You wouldn't say your car has unlimited range just because you can refuel it.

Pedant hat removed.

Always nice to get a feature. Well done!

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Azimech, if you end up designing warships later I would change your hull building style, since it is based off an I beam keel a single hit will snap it in half and blow up the ship

Note: I most definitely did not find this out by launching torpedoes and missiles at your boat :)

Edit: Yep- Two Sepatrons firing at the center I-Beam will completely destroy the ship

Edited by clivman
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True, that is a problem. What I'm planning to do is script an oversized, super heavy single I beam that sinks like a rock. This way you can damage war ships and with the progressing of damage and diminishing buoyancy, progressively real sinking ships.

Maybe there's a better way to write it down but I just woke up and English is not my native tongue.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Just now, Azimech said:

You mean the surface fx Squad has put in? Yeah I tried to disable them but somehow it's still active.

Oh I thought that was the wake effect.. Sorry. It's silly that horizontal motors still produce an effect like that.. Squad needs to adress that.

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