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get this in stock! (Planetary base parts)

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lets get that petition rolling to get kerbal planetary base systems worked into stock.

not only because its fun but in adds new possibilities to explore new planets.

using cylindrical parts to build a base on another moon or planet isn't the best way to do it. the mod adds flat bodied base modules that can connect with eachother and build larger and larger bases.

the parts are stockalike already so you dont really have to do any modeling to work it in to stock.

i just think it will be useful. those are my thoughts tell me yours.

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Yeah I played around with this before the switch, and I must say I was a big fan. The look is great and I like how it dovetailed with USILS (Which was nicely designed as well (kudos Bob)). After a bit though I found the form-factor a bit tricky to work with in terms of actually packing parts for launch and delivering them to the surface. Like you can use the nifty adapters but I found actually mounting and constructing a Duna base sensibly pretty finicky. It also felt like a LOT of parts, not all of which would actually be necessary in stock.

If they were thinking of using a similar idea I might recommend using half an MK3. It would just pack much more cleanly with the existing parts.

More fundamentally though, the habitation parts make nice scenery but don't actually engage with gameplay. Fore that you'd need a mechanic that rewarded players for bringing larger groups and providing them with more leg room.

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thats not the function in the mod for the greenhouse. it preforms study's on the plants for science. :)

- - - Updated - - -

http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/127413-WIP-1-0-4-Kerbal-Planetary-Base-Systems-v0-2-8-Update-21-10-2015 that should lead to the post.

I saw the experiment as well, but it did seem aid life-support well, which was the real reason I tried it out.

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