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(another) blender to unity axis troubles

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Hi everyone,

the old good object rotation trick in Blender:

rotate x - 90
rotate x 90

dont work anymore?

I am frustrated, as i tried it and even if parts show verticaly in unity, they are still rotated in game.
Finally found myself trying randomly rotating in blender and unity by 90 deg :) ;)

Or is there any other way?
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How are you importing into Unity? I never need to do these kinds of rotations, unless I'm working with IVAs.

If you export the part from Blender as a DAE or FBX and bring that into Unity, the automatic rotations should be sufficient.

Do you have any rotation information in the CFG, maybe?
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i am using Blender -Export- FBX function. And dont have rotation info in cfg, as far as i know :)

without any rotation in blender or unity, i also get this


i used to do some parts in 0.2x times and the rotation apply trick did its job everytime :(

i u need more info, which can help you to help me, just write a line ;)
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