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Mk3 SSTO with mining rover (infinirange)

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An SSTO intended to fly to Laythe.

There’s a couple of NTR’s in the cargo bay. Use action key 3 to open the bay, and action key 2 to fire the Nerva’s (you can do this in the atmosphere, at about 20km). Fly efficiently! There is not a lot of margin if you want to get to Minmus! Try to get >1100m/s on airbreathing, get to a 70x70 km injection, never get apogee get more than one minute in front of you, etc.

Can fly single stage to minmus and has a mining rover, thus can refuel and fly anywhere! Be sure to pick out a landing spot with >2.5% ore (use the onboard scanner!) or you will be driving a lot! The ore processor is also in the cargobay.

Action key 1 will switch mode of the RAPIER’s.
Action key 2 will (dis)engage the Nerva’s
Action key 3 will open the cargo ramp
Action key 4 will (dis)engage the RAPIER’s
Action key 5 will decouple the rover from the cargobay
Action key 6 will switch mode of 2 of 6 RAPIERS
Action key 7 will (dis)engage the VTOL engines.

[url=http://kerbalx.com/Chris_2/Laythe_SSTO]Download craft file[/url]
Before flying, please enable the pitch control of the elevators! (mistake with the uploaded file) Edited by Chris_2
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[quote name='Azimech']I tried it for spacecraft friday's but it doesn't seem to have enough pitch authority. Won't climb above 3800m. I do like the concept.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, there was a mistake with the file that was uploaded. The pitch control of the elevators was disabled! Enable it and it should be fine...
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