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[1.9.1] SLS Part Pack Basic Version - Small update: specular parts & preview of the new Main Core

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On 10/15/2017 at 12:59 PM, Max-Q said:

@Sobol The first release of the improved Realism Overhaul config for SLS Part pack is ready to download.

Download the latest (1.3.03 at the time of writing) release from https://github.com/Max-Q/Space-Launch-System-Realism-Config/releases.

To install it, copy the RealsimOverhaul folder from the downloaded zip-file into the GameData folder of your KSP installation.

Do not use saved vehicles, build them from scratch with fresh parts. Otherwise the parts might keep the characteristics of an older config.

The release was tested with SLS Part pack version 1.3.01 in KSP v1.2.2 with Realism Overhaul v11.4.1. (RO is, or was till recently, not ready for KSP 1.3.)

Known Bugs

Things @Sobol maybe can fix:

Things @Max-Q should fix:

  • A ton of small inconsistencies and inaccuracies
  • Set all title, description and manufacturer
  • Clean up engine configs (adapt real plume config)
  • Sure more to come


The fairings never got fixed! 

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Hi there i have some issue whit LES for Orion in RO/RSS 1.6 its look like LES have no decoupler any one know what line i need to add to ro cfg??

Or can share  working ro config

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12 hours ago, Virtualgenius said:

@Sobol your mod is quite popular and with the recent new changes in KSP any chance we could get an update for 1.9.1 PLEASE 

This is literally just a part mod, this should still work in 1.9.1 perfectly fine unless there's some other feature that isn't parts that I'm missing out on

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Hi everyone. I am very pleased that my work means so much to you. I hope I can find a lot of time to do everything right. I'm going back to work. Expect a new update soon.
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