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Long March 5-On The Pad! Pics included

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Actually its just a test :wink:

Also hi, its been a while. Up until this point though I didn't have anything worthy to post.
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according to the google translate app on my phone the text is (from top to bottom)
instrument cabin
two hydrogen tank
between secondary level segment
HO segment box
booster nosecone
swelling thruster er. membership
sset with
HE segment boost clamp

The last three lines are too low quality for my camera to make out.
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[quote name='Motokid600']When is it supposed to launch?[/QUOTE]
Late next year. This is a ground test vehicle, not a flight model.
[quote name='Findthepin1']What are they going to do with it?[/QUOTE]
Dual GTO satellite launches, planetary missions, space station modules, et.c. This one has an engineering model of the Chang'e 5 lunar sample return probe, and that's likely to be on one the first or one of the first launches.
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