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Eve Space Program Challenge


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After years of abuse, the Kerbals have finally made Kerbin completely uninhabitable from their caustic rocket explosions, so they turned to a different planet, Eve, and begin a their space program anew..


Your job as their new administrator is to create a full fledged space program, from Eve. To get your rocket to Eve, it is HIGHLY suggested that you use Hyper-edit, or a extra-planetary ship building mod. (although you can still launch it there if you are crazy)


- No Cheating
- All flights MUST be manned, no wimpish probes!
- Mods are OK, as long as there is nothing too OP. I will be the final judge.
- On larger missions, docking is allowed, it does not have to be a single launch.
- All missions will begin on the surface of Eve, and everything used in that mission MUST be launched from Eve's surface at the point Lat: 4.7, Lon: 128.35 or close enough to that
- Be Creative and have fun!


1) - Reach orbit. Its simple enough, just get a Kerbal to orbit from the surface of Eve, then return. Bonus points for economy and weight.
Foxster - The first winner, and a very interesting (and top heavy looking) craft
Jetski - Automatically wins this one because he is constructing a space station!
Nefrums - A masterful orbit made, and on his way for the Jebediah Level
HoloYolo - A great backstory to the launch, its really funny!
Scullyl - A beautiful rocket, He also uses aero-breaks!
Maccollo - A video entry, with a extremely tall rocket!

2) - Go to Gilly. Create and pilot a craft capable of getting to and landing on Gilly, then returning to Eve. Remember, all missions NEED to be manned! You MAY NOT use your Kerbal's Jet pack to land, bring along a capsule/chair
Foxster - The first in this category too!, I wonder what will be next?

3) - Create a Space Station. This does not have to be a single launch, nor should it be, I want to see a creative (and possible useful) space station. Challenge yourself with you max payload to orbit, the more modules the better!
Winner-board: None Yet!


4) - Go interplanetary. You can go to any planet you find the easiest. You are required to bring along a Kerbal, and return!!!! Bonus points for bringing along more crew, as well as a rover
Winner-board: None Yet!



Jebediah's Level:

This is the hardest challenge, and it will be complicated. Even though it has been long abandoned, the Kerbals still want to remember their old world. Create a mission to the Kerbin system. You will need to land on and return from Kerbin as well as you also want to land on the Mun and Minmus, then return to Eve. I am not sure if this is even possible, but i challenge you to it!
Mesklin - A surprisingly small rocket, he used an ion lander


*Note* My own completion will be coming soon, however I hope the challenge is self explanatory.
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You must specify a launching site with coordinates so we can hyperedit to it.
Launching "from the surface of Eve" is completly different wheter it's ASL or at 6000m.

EDIT : The launching site should also be perfectly flat for the simulation. Edited by Tatonf
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[quote name='Tatonf']You must specify a launching site with coordinates so we can hyperedit to it.
Launching "from the surface of Eve" is completly different wheter it's ASL or at 6000m.

EDIT : The launching site should also be perfectly flat for the simulation.[/QUOTE]
Excellent point!

I propose HE coords: 4.61432534589699E-08, 128.299978705477 (0°00'35'' S, 128°18'19'' E). Pretty much smack on the equator, it's flat and it's 1km above sea level so a small helping hand with the orbital lift.
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Let's get this party started!

A "Reach Orbit" entry from me weighing in at about 75t...


It had about 1000dV left at orbit, so there was loads left for the de-orbit burn. I'll need a tad more for Gilly and back though I think.

More to come.
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This is very similar to a challenge I posted a few weeks ago, the 'Reverse Mission Challenge', but you could be based on any planet of your choice. Not saying you copied or anything (nor am I complaining), just wondering why no one tried that one...:).
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That makes sense. Well, if anyone trying this thinks its too hard for them, I suppose they could try [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/138696-The-Reverse-Mission-Challenge"]The Reverse Mission Challenge[/URL] to launch from an easier planet. I think another difference is that in my challenge you only have to go to Kerbin, while here you have more options.
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Working on setting up my launch base now. Using Tweak scale just for the base to cut down on part count (fuel tanks, rocketparts, etc.) It's on!

Edit: Man tweakscale plus epl is seriously buggy. I just want a launch pad on eve lol

OK, Tweakscale was a bust, too glitchy. But now my launch pad is operational, along with limited fuel and mono production. Max ship size is around 12K fuel, but the space program was not built in a day. Here's my first launch, and my starter for a space station. Question: when building a station, does every flight up with parts have to be manned? Going to be a long project if so. For now, flying only manned missions, but let me know. Also I forgot I can't just hit "Recover" to get Val back, so I built a rocket plane to fetch her back to the launch pad. Which sucked.
Second flight, brought a mono tug up to my "station", and transferred a little fuel. It's all coming together! Also decided hyperedit to recover landed kerbals was OK. Because the Kerbals live on Eve now, right?
[imgur]VLRh7[/imgur] Edited by Jetski
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Wow... this sounds challenging, but it might be easier to build something straight on Eve more than it is landing something on Eve starting from Kerbin. Especially considering that serial stage rockets might be more viable in this scenario (otherwise landing them on eve is like trying to fly a wet noodle).
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This may be a stupid question, but how do you get your craft to the launching point on Eve? I know the basics of hyperedit, but from my understanding you have to orbit Eve before you can use the landing tool because otherwise the game will break and your ship will explode, but whenever I go from orbit to landing my rocket is tilted oddly and I was wondering if there was some trick to aligning your ship or if the only way to do it is to make a wide base with a bunch of 2.5m reaction wheels and try to straighten the ship out?
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