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Lander Cans rebalance

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I'm curious to see if there is a desire for (or an already-existing) mod that tweaks the Mk1 and Mk2 landing cans a bit to make them more like their descriptions. They are kind of billed as fragile, ultra-lightweight landers, but they aren't particularly fragile and the Mk2 seems to be massively overweight (it is 4.33 times heavier than the Mk1, and is ~0.6 tons heavier than both the MK2 spaceplane cockpits).

This has been bothering me for a while, so today I threw together a simple mod that uses module manager to tweak the defaults a bit. For the Mk2, I reduced the weight from 2.6t to 1.6t, and for both the Mk1 and Mk2 I reduced the impact resistance from 8m/s to 6m/s (which I believe was their values in 0.90) and reduced their max skin temperatures from 2000k down to 1600k (I originally thought of taking it down to 1200k, but I'm hesitant to go that far...)

So my questions to the community are:

1) Is there any interest in this and/or does something like this already exist? (I tried searching but couldn't find anything)
2) Do you think this strikes the right balance?
3) If no, how do you think they should be changed?

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