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Killing Floor 2,Pointless Controversy


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Heres my report on the MicroTransaction Issue.I fail to see why gamers are getting upset,given that Tripwire is doing exactly what DOTA,CSGO,ect have been doing for years.
For any one who dosent know Killing Floors Devs have implemented cosmetic micro-transaction,which has led to another,alledges controversy.
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I don't play Killing floor, but if all the feature accessible to paying players are also accessible to free to play players through reasonably more effort, I am completely supporting that business model.
If paying offers unfair advantage, I frown upon it.

A good example is World of Tanks where everything accessible to paying members is also accessible to regular non paying players through ingame currency. Premium tanks are a bit more challenging to get without paying, but it's not impossible the game offers various ingame missions to obtain gold needed to purchase such tanks. Also premium tanks are mostly rubbish compared to regular ones of similar design, with their only benefit being better at generating ingame currency.
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