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Kerbal science: The atmosphere of Kerbin

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I'm glad I found this thread, I'm doing some science measurements because I'm trying to restore Moho's atmosphere from 0.17. Here are the temperature profiles for stock Moho and Duna.


I can see Duna's profile has some similarities to Kerbin's atmosphere.

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Ok, so that's something you don't often see. This isn't a zombie thread, it's a vampire. However many times it dies it always comes back!

I look forward to seeing it dug up again in another year.

NB: I'm not actually moaning because there seems to be some good data in here. Don't know how much of it is out of date now though.

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How do you know the units is in Centigrade?

As I understood it, the ambient temperature model made use of arbitrary numbers, not being connected to any temperature unit we use.

It\'s still possible to convert it to Centigrade, but we would have to know the value of their units and make it comparable in some manner.

Even if it is only arbitrary units, that\'s very...odd....

All units in KSP are SI (Metric), this is why Distance is shown in Meters and Kilometers; Weight is in Metric Tonnes and even your speed is shown as m/s not KM/h

Kerbin is a strange little planet when you think about it.

Compare it's Statistics to Earth's and you will see what I mean.

From a Part and Balance Development Standpoint it is actually a pretty big Nightmare; as in order to get similar performance to Real-World Equivalents they must perform at 10% value; but have a 10% faster Rate of Change (end result being they are half the performance)

To be honest right now I don't think there is any Thermodynamics simulation; so achieving better performance than should realistically be possible with things like Jets (which makes SSTOs relatively easy) ... It's understandable given KSP is intended to be primarily a game about Rockets and going to Space not Aircraft that can do silly non-sense, but hopefully it is something that is considered for a later Aerodynamic expansion - that means things like Nose Cones do become important and making an SSTO is one of those Unicorn Dreams that only a few will achieve without Mods; rather than there being a Stock Aircraft capable of doing it.

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attack of the necro thread lol

bringing this one up again as i'm in 1.2 and measured the atmosphere pressure and temp and found inconsistency and am looking for verification below is a picture of my tests and it appears the entire upper atmosphere and mesosphere is missing the measurements go up to 100,000km are my measurements wrong or is atmosphere now linear ps used the mod graphatron for this.


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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