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Hello and welcome to Kerban Aerospace Industries' (KAI, formerly known as Kerban Aircraft Industries) aircraft hangar!

We focus mainly on airliners from Mk1 to Mk3.

BahamutoD's Adjustable Landing Gear (link to forum thread) is probably our most regularly used mod.


OWNER: Tibis42 (Seen as Kerban Aircraft Industries)

MEMBERS: None yet, we accept applications!






The KAI K1 Series consist of three models, the -100, -200 and -300. The -100 is the shortest and has also a shorter wingspan than the -200 and the -300. They are currently the only aircraft available on Kerban Aerospace Industries' craft catalogue.

(IMPORTANT! Thrust reversers have been bound to the "1" key and Lock/Unlock Steering to the "2" key on all three aircraft.)


Downloads (Dropbox)

KAI K1-100

KAI K1-200

KAI K1-300



More aircraft coming soon! Feel free to apply below if you wish to join.

And also, reply to this thread if there are any problems.

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Hey man looks good,

Just be careful. Remember there is no role playing on the spacecraft exchange. :)


Good luck!


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Welcome to the forum! Your craft looks very nice. Just a quick suggestion, though: post some pictures of your craft. At least for me, that makes me more likely to download it because I can see what I'm getting. Also, as YargJay said, you might want to change your thread's name. It might be a bit too "corporate" for the moderators.:)

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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