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Symmetry going Wonky in VAB

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Whenever I load a spaceplane into the VAB - the available symmetry options go wonky after a while.  Trying to put a three engine rocket to propel my plane into the upper atmosphere - but I keep getting only two or one point of symmetry available.  This is even after saving the plane in the VAB and having had three point symmetry available - it disappeared after a failed flight and the revert.



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Do you have a Screenshot?

If you're using the Tri-Adapter plate and trying to attach engines to it in 3 way symmetry, I don't believe this will work.  You will have to place all three on their own.  Sometimes I've seen a weird bug that won't let you go back into a symmetry mode once you attempt to do 3 on something like that.  Best thing to do is reload the craft and try again.

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Is it possible that you accidentally switched over to mirror symmetry mode? If there are one or two "M"s in the bottom left try pressing the "R" key to switch back to radial symmetry. Also, I think radial symmetry won't work on parts that were attached in mirror mode, it will always default back to mirror symmetry.

Edit: NVM I just reread and saw that it is affecting craft files that were previously saved with appropriate symmetry. Do you have the Editor Extensions mod installed? I find this can sometimes cause a hiccup in symmetry selection.

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No, no mods yet.  I'm wondering if it did not have something to do with reverting the flight.


I just don't know - it gets frustrating. I get 3-4 way symmetry options during the build to crash phase, then suddenly I don't on the same craft, in the see-if-I-can--tweak-this-to-crash-later phase..


I've been building my spaceplanes in the SPH to see how they will perform after separation - then trying to mount them (much comical-ness) in a manner that will let me get really high, then glide for a long way.  I'm literally very early in career mode with only the basic aircraft parts available. 


Still, having some successes.

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