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Noob101 question...

If you want to make your own resource, where do you define them? I made a tank with a resource name and a .cfg in a CommunityResourcePack, but it's not showing up in KSP (the item is, just not resource specs for it as if it was just a structural piece).

I know there is a ResourcesGeneric.cfg that contains the standard resources, but am wondering how all the extra ones are added.

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Working on a set of resource harvesters and converters to get Carbon/Oxygen/Hydrogen from other components  like Water electrolysis and CarbonDioxide scrubbing, in order to make fuels and later on maybe extra life support in the form of water/oxygen. I find this more realistic than mining Ore and creating everything from one item that can be found on every surface.

CarbonDioxide collected from atmosphere -> scrubber -> Carbon + Oxygen(2)
Water mined from surface or ocean -> Electrolyses -> HydrogenGas(2) + Oxygen

Distill Carbon(12) and Hydrogen(35) into LiquidFuel (c.q. Kerosene)
Compress Hydrogen into LqdHydrogen
Compress Oxygen into MonoProp or Oxidizer


Maybe later have kerbals use Oxygen and create CarbonDioxide in return (can also plug into greenhouses), plus use Water and create WasteWater, use Food and make Dung ..., then create some sort of recycling loop. But let's try to get the resources first, whahahaha. My first modding attempt, well, hacking attempt....

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On 12/5/2015 at 1:46 PM, Jimbodiah said:

AH, found it....

Add a Resources.cfg file with the following:

  name = Kerbalinium
  density = 0.1
  unitCost = 1
  hsp = 80
  flowMode = ALL_VESSEL
  transfer = PUMP
  isTweakable = false


what other flow modes are there? or is this the only one other than NO_FLOW? Also is PUMP and NONE the only transfer methods?



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