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what wheel should i use


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The proper answer is NONE. :D You're best off making an RCS jetpack if you want to buzz around. Minmus is very hard to drive on, because the minimal gravity provides minimal friction.

However, it really depends on what you want to do. For trips of more than a couple kilometers, I'd pick either of the two midsize ones. Overall, the Ruggedized wheel is the best for all rovering. I've driven the same rover design several thousand kilometers on those--Including a circumnavigation of Minmus.

If you want to build a rocket-powered drag racer for the flats, use the small landing gear.

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Rovers work just fine on Minmus, I use 'em all the time.

The things to bear in mind:

  • For low-gravity worlds like Minmus, you want to have a fair amount of reaction-wheel torque to keep the rover from flipping.  So give the rover plenty of torque authority, then turn on SAS to keep it stable.
  • However, KSP (rather unfortunately, IMHO) maps the rover-steering controls to the same keys as the reaction-wheel-rotation controls, which causes weird unpleasant behavior if you have reaction wheels on your rover (e.g. you try to accelerate and the reaction wheels flip you).  I solve this by mapping my rover controls to 8456 on the num-pad, so there's no confusion:  I use 8456 for the rover wheels, and WASD to use reaction torque.
  • In general, rover wheels are fragile and easily broken.  The ruggedized wheels are much more pop-resistant, they're always better if you can get them.  On Minmus, the concern with breaking wheels is not so much "my rover is too heavy and popped them", but rather going airborne (well, it's a vacuum, but you know what I mean) when you shoot over the lip of a hill, and then flying a long way before you come down.  You can break things on impact.


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