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You know you've built a huge rocket, when ...


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1.) The launchpad explodes when you ignite the engines

2.) You can't see the sides or top of your rocket anymore in the hangar

3.) 120,000 thrust just won't cut it

4.) You have 3,000 tons worth of staging to get your payload into a 150km orbit

5.) You realize you are launching an entire 300 ton rocket into space, as the cargo

6.) The weight of your ship in tons is higher than the dV needed to put it into orbit

7.) KSP can barely handle the entire launch before giving up and crashing

8.) You're scratching your head wondering where it all went wrong that this thing it so big

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This should be in Forum Games, but whatever.

- When it crushes the launch pad under its weight before you even ignite anything.
- When part of its payload is an entire space station. No wait - TWO entire space stations. Much better.
- When it's more economical to just stick engines on the payload, use its fuel, and refuel it in space than to build and fly a launch vehicle for it.

(All three of these have actually happened to me xD)

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When it's easily the tallest building at the KSC.

21210523490_5458a9ad8d_h.jpgBurj Kherbalifa at KSC by cantab314, on Flickr

And you get fed up of clicking the buttons to hire Kerbals after doing a couple of hundred of them, and it's not even *close* to full.

And you decide to blow off steam by flying a plane, and you can see your rocket from the west end of the runway.

And the launch to orbit takes over two hours in real life.

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When the only way you envision a train being stabled overnight in the SPH is to be curled up like a sleeping snake through sheer length of the wagon consist and she carries enough fuel to get to the mun :)


When stopping with loco brakes only leaves a train with a broken nose and smashed front coupler


when you can see the guards van for an instant slowly trundle around the corner out of sight...


....From the locomotive cab while traversing the yards launch path next to the SPH :)


And finally..when KSP physics cry and rubber band a docking port on the leading wagon while starting with full generator power and brake release :)

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When your first stage fills the screen.

When you shed over 2000t in 35 seconds.

When a 7 mainsail cluster as your orbital insertion stage fails to get you into orbit before falling back into the atmosphere.

When you can't see the pad for the smoke.


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A bit more early warning than the ones above:

- when you automatically without even a split-second consideration clicked on the Mammoth to construct your asparagus boosters.

- and in the back of your mind you notice you're calculating how many onion-layers of those you are going to require.

A moment later:

- discovering that you still need more boosters.

Another moment later:

- muttering about what is taking Squad so long to add more powerful engines to stock yet.

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On 12/8/2015, 12:38:10, Jimbodiah said:

5.) You realize you are launching an entire 300 ton rocket into space, as the cargo

But... but... I was going to moho, fully reusable, and deploying a station there... that's not too big..


Well, it was 2 launches... but to build a large rocket... and the payload was only about 250 tons... but... a 300 ton payload doesn't seem too big to me...

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