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BPP mod, a mod idea of exotic propulsion


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Hello, this time I thought a idea for a mod of advanced hypothetical methodes of propulsion, but I can not make this.

This is the clasification and short description of each one:
Esencial for the mod:
- Diametric drive: a type of propulsion that would make use of regulated non-conservative gravitational field with non-zero curl, ie, a similar thing like "gravitational field with two poles", obtaining a zero energy acceleration.

- Disjunction drive: similar to diametric drive, but would make use of permanent non-conservative gravitational field with non-zero curl, controlling the acceleration by de distance of "gravitational poles". 

- Pitch and bias: unlike diametric and disyunction drive, this method would not make use of regulated non-conservative gravitational field with non-zero curl, but would change the gravitational constant back and forth.

- Differential sail: a engine that would generating negative pressure/energy (casimir effect) forth of this, and positive pressure back.

- Warp/Alcubierre drive: a type of propulsion that would move the space arround the starship instead the starship.

Other, not needed and very difficult to make:
- Worm hole: two distant points of space interconected, ie, a thing like portal with spheric shape.

Note: the non-conservative gravitational field with non-zero curl is hypothetically possible with negative masses (and hypothetical particles) 
together normal masses, this is, a negative mass would repelled by positive mass (and positive also), but would have negative inertia, and this mean atraction instead repulse, originating a lineal move of possitive and negative masses.

New materials:
- Negative energy/pressure: a density of vacuum required to make work the warp drive, differential sail, worm hole, etc.

New parts:
- Negative energy generator: a part that produces electricity to generate negative energy deinsity (only work when there is a receptor, ie, a exotic engine with negative energy storage space).

- Diametric drive reactor: a part that works like engine, requires store negative energy to accelerate, 
more negative energy, more acceleration, until 10m/s^2 (variable per total mass of ship); and destroy negative energy to not accelerate (when destroy negative energy, consume electricity); is slow to change these actions.

- Disjunction drive reactor: a part that works like engine, not requires store negative energy, only consume electricity to separate or bring near the two reaction masses; when separate the reaction masses, not accelerate; when bring near the reaction masses, accelerate until 20m/s (variable per total mass of ship); is very fast to change these actions.

- Gravity constant reactor (Pitch and Bias): a part that works like engine, not requires store negative energy, but consumes a lots of electricity when change the acceleration, accelerate until 50m/s^2.

- Warp drive reactor: a part that works like engine, consume and destroy negative energy when is active, but consumes more electricty than the produced for the generation of negative energy; her work althrought change directly the velocity instead the acceleration, and when not work brake to original velocity.

The acceleration by previous methods cancel the G forces.

- Differential sail engine: a engine that only consume negative energy, accelerating like another normal engine, with G forces and low power.

Idea based in: http://ntrs.nasa.gov/?N=0&Ntk=All&Ntt=breakthrough%20propulsion%20physics&Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial&Nm=123|Collection|NASA%20STI||17|Collection|NACA||125|Collection|NIX

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