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Bill v Bill. Gravity flaws. An interactive story. {Latest: Part 4}

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This is an interactive story. At the end of each part, I will ask a question which will determine the actions the characters take.
At a moderator's suggestion, I'd like to remind everyone that roleplay is forbidden on this forum, and one should not attempt to interact directly with characters of the story.
 Also, if you haven't watched Gravity Falls, warning! Contains minor spoilers!


I was stuck, orbiting a few hundred thousand kilometers over the sun. Radiation drowning out all communications, and the depth of the gravity well making rescue very, very improbable. Yet, I waited. 


Then, I saw it. Between me, and the sun, slowly coming closer.


Some elements of its form reminded me of parts we use to build spacecraft. Perhaps it was a-

Cipher: "I'm no derelict satellite! I'm just an interdimensional being of ultimate power! And I want to help you Bill Keman."

It spoke with a voice that reverberated through my mind.  I'd heard many legends about great beings found in space. The Deep Space kracken, the Great Naked Space man, but the interdimensional yelling triangle? What?

7v1sZCc.pngBill Kerman: "Am I going crazy?!"

Cipher: "No. Well, maybe. But that's beside the point! I can get you home, Bill Kerman. And if you work with me, I can teach you how to unlock the secrets of the cosmos!" 

Bill Kerman: "Why do you want to help me?"

Cipher: "Cause my name's Bill too! Bill Cipher! Every 100 years, I pick a mind to inspire, and you seem like a cool guy. Besides, you'll fry in days if you stay here. You neeeed me. "


Bill Cipher: "What do ya say Kerbal? Kerb Bill?"pY3kaiY.png

Bill Cipher: "Do we have a deal?" 


Should Bill Kerman take up Cipher's offer?

Answer in the comments!





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Yes, make it! I wanna see where this goes! Besides, do really want Bill (Kerman, not Cipher) to die?

Plus, since GF is almost over, this might be one of the last mentions of Bill Cipher. :(


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Part 2


Bill Kerman:  "If this is a deal, what is my part in it?"

Bill Cipher: "Just let me into your mind kerb Bill. That way, I'll be able to share knowledge with you. Also, you can't tell anyone about me. Ha ha, but seriously, it messes with my power."

This didn't sound too terrible. I looked at the moisture- my own sweat, beginning to collect on the inside of my helmet. My suit's systems had already began to fail.

Bill Cipher: "Come on. Life. Knowledge unlimited. Just shake on it."

I took the deal.



The next thing I knew, I was face down on the concrete, back at KSC.



Bill Cipher: "Ha ha ha! An excellent choice! I'll see you again very soon kerb Bill.

Until then, really-is-a-simulation-the-universe-is-a-computer-game-buy-probes byyye! "



The triangle was gone. I looked around. I saw my friends, overby the crawlway, surrounded by a mishmash of parts. Feeling as fit as ever, I walked over.





Jeb: "Oh hey Bill"

Bill: "Hi guys. What are you up to?"

Bob: "We are trying to develop a way to rescue you. You should see Wernher, he is getting pretty desperate. "

Val: "Wait a second.." 

Jeb: "Bill!!! How are you here!?!"

I told them I didn't know. That it was some sort of freak miracle.
I was immediately whisked of to the medical Bay where they began a series of tests, physiological and psychological to ascertain my identity. Eventually, they were convinced it was me.

That night, I had the most amazing dream .

  Ideas, plans, concepts I never dreamed of understanding.



I approached Wernher in the science labs the next day.
Within days we had achieved nuclear fusion.
Within weeks we were testing Warp drives.



In less than two months, new spacecraft were on their way to the planets,
overtaking, and relieving missions launched years ago.



The dreams continued.

Bill Cipher:  "Well well well! Just look at you!  Already gone and changed the world! I'm so proud, you deserve a prize!
Here, have a booster fuelled by the souls of the damned! "



Bill Kerman:  "Whoaaaaaah- Bill, that's creepy!"

Bill Cipher:  "Ha ha ha. Just kidding. But seriously, I'm looking forward to going further with you,  kerb Bill."

You'll never get anywhere as a species if you stay cooped up in this 4 dimensional, 32 bit little universe. So for our next trick, we'll do a portal to the rest of the multiverse!"



I presented the idea to Wernher the next day.
But to my surprise, his reaction was not one of excitement, but of fear.



Wernher: "Where are these ideas coming from?

One moment, you're lost in space, the next you're back here, solving fusion,   inventing Warp drives, and now you're going to build a portal to higher dimensions? I'm starting to think I've missed something.

Are you an Alien? What's going on? Who are you, and what have you done to Bill Kerman?"




What should Bill do? 

Reveal the truth?

Or lie, and try to calm Wernher down?

Note: Whatever the choice is, the story will continue. But the consequences will change. 

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9 hours ago, Mad Rocket Scientist said:

Truth!  Lying makes a better a story, but that kind of "silly misunderstanding" story rubs me the wrong way. Truth!

Ah, but if he doesn't lie to Wernher, he breaks his promise to Other Bill! Either way, a comeuppance is coming! 

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Tell Wernher the truth,... after killing him..., no seriously, tell him the half truth, should be enough for now. 

Happy holidays!

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