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Cabin Only Landing - Mun and beyond


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Hi everyone,

This is my first challenge and being the math teacher I thought I'd do something I'm comfortable with - use math to do something fun.

I used cabin only mode to land on the Mun and return back to Kerbin - so I'd like to challenge you to do the same or better.

Full video is here with explanations and such.



  • no map or nodes
  • no cheats
  • no mods other than visual enhancements
  • F2 has to be enabled for the entire trip
  • Can only use panels inside the craft
  • Try to stay in cabin mode the whole time other than EVA
  • Extra challenge: try to do it in a landing can (no instruments at all)

There are no points, it's really a completion task more than anything. I know it's hard to be honest about this challenge, so we're going on an honor system - try to follow the rules as this is a lot more challenging than you think.

Provide pics or video if you can.

Person making it to a different planet and returning safe gets the biggest bragging right.

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Great idea for a challenge!

RasterProp certainly should not be allowed. It basically defeats the purpose, you could just as well allow Kerbal Engineer considering the amount of data RPM gives you. It even has map visualizations...

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I did it on stream, with full explanations, but it took around 3 hours, speed it up to 9 minutes on youtube, it's a little hard to follow what happens. Also forgot to skip checkpoints on that timer from top left.

One of the most confusing parts is at around 3:30, so to explain what I was doing ... when I launched from Duna, I rendezvoused by mistake with a separator, instead of the transfer stage that I left in orbit. But I knew the transfer stage was a little behind on orbit, so I circularized the orbit at a little higher altitude and waited for the transfer stage to catch up and when it did, I rendezvoused and docked with it (at around 5:00).

The only mod I used was that thing that shows you little dots for planets and stuff when they are far away (forgot it's name). I did it before without it, but that's not even realistic and it's annoying, to not be able to see other planets unless you are really close to them.

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