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Looking for Orbital Mechanics resources


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Can anyone recommend some good resources on the mathematics of orbital mechanics?  I'm comfortable calculating Hohmann transfers (including alignment angle, dV budget, etc.), I can calculate dV for stages and total craft, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out past there.

I'd love to be able to calculate

the dV required for plane changes 

the new trajectory from a gravity assist 

the launch window for non-Hohmann transfers

porkchop plots

map out a spiral transfer for low thrust engines

and plan re-entry trajectories.  

I expect some of these problems have known simple solutions, and some will require numerical integration.  I'm comfortable setting up and solving either method.

My background:

I'm a chemical engineer.  I'm comfortable solving ODEs (ordinary differential equations) and PDE (partial differential equations).  I don't usually work in multi-dimensional calculus, but I do understand the basics of dot and cross products.  There was a point in time in college where I was better with those.  My trig is pretty good, but my calculus in cylindrical or polar coordinates isn't great.  I usually use MathCAD for complex problem solving but don't have access to it right now.  So I usually set up Eularian integrators in excel when I can't work out exact solutions.  With a little work I could make it run Runge-Kutta instead.  

I've read the wikibooks articles on orbital mechanics, as well as these links





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Hi @Elrond Cupboard, I'm not sure you can post that here, the whole book is a long way from fair use and I can't find if it has been released to the public domain.

The copyright in the book is from 1971 so is probably still in effect.

If anyone does know if this book is free please let me know, it'd be an invaluable resource for many of our members.

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